Repartitioning a PowerEdge 2600

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Michael Teare, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. We have a Poweredge 2600 with a PERC/3 SCSI controller and 3 disks, that
    came shipped from Dell partitioned as 1 4GB basic disk partition and an
    additiional 60+ GB basic disk partition. The OS is installed on the 4GB
    partition, which has now become inadequate and we need to extend the size of
    the 4GB boot partition. I have looked at Partition Magic but I am not sure
    if that will take care of it as we don't have any available unpartitioned
    disk space, anyone had this problem and got it resolved without
    repartitioning all drives?

    4GB was the old boot partition limit for NT4.0, this machine is around 1
    year old and came with 2000 Server preinstalled, I can't imagine a good
    reason why Dell would have shipped the machine with such a limitting config,
    anyone had any similar experiences?
    Michael Teare, Dec 27, 2003
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  2. Yes on the resolved, and no on the without repartitioning. *But*,
    using PM 7.0, the repartitioning did *not* involve any loss of data.

    Primary partition with C: for OS. Extended partition with logical D:,
    E:, F:, G:, I:, and J: drives. C: was running out of space. Using PM
    7.0, and without losing any data, I resized the drives on the extended
    partition to gain 4GB of free/unassigned space in the extended
    partition. Then moved it from the extended partition to the primary
    partition. Then resized the C: drive on the primary partition to add
    the 4GB to it.

    If you're new to PM, you can do each of these steps one at a time. I
    set up each step, then ran them all at once. Went off, had a couple
    cups of coffee and read the paper, and in less than half an hour it
    was done.

    [Before doing anything, you should defrag/reorganize all of the drives
    you are going to change, so that all the data they contain are at the
    "front" of the drive. And your computer should, of course, be on a
    UPS or other source of guaranteed power.]
    Ogden Johnson III, Dec 27, 2003
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