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Replacing Hard Drives In A Server

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kurt R. Todoroff, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. I plan to purchase two replacement hard drives for my business server
    and I have a few pre-sales questions to ask.  The server is the center
    of my restaurant's Point Of Sales cash register system. My server
    information follows:

         Manufacturer:  G.B.T. Technology Trading GMbH
                                    (GIGABYTE Technology Co., LTD reported
    by cpu-z)
         Model:  GA-6VXC7-4X
         CPU:  Intel Pentium III EB  (Codename: Coppermine     Brand ID: 2) 
    733 MHz
         Bus Speed:  133 MHz
         BIOS:  AMI 62710  (05/04/2001)
         On-Board IDE:  2 IDE bus master (UDMA 33/ ATA 66 /ATA100) IDE ports
                                     for up to 4 ATAPI devices
                                     Supports PIO mode 3, 4 (DMA 33/ATA 66)
    IDE & 
                                     ATAPI CD-ROM
         Storage:  dual mirrored 20 GB hard drives (WDC WD200AB-00BVA0)
         OS:  Windows Server 2000  (all updates installed)

    I operate the server continuously 24/7.  These hard drives are nearly
    six years old.  The CPU has been producing a high pitched whining noise
    for about two years, which I suspect is from the hard drive(s).  I
    suspect that they are approaching their end of life.  I wish to replace
    the dual mirrored hard drives with two independent 80 GB or larger hard
    drives, not in a mirrored configuration.  I have been looking at Western
    Digital hard drives that  use various interface nomenclatures EIDE,
    SATA, ATA-100.  Here is my question:

    Are these hard drives backward compatible with my server both in
    form/fit factor and in communications interface?  i.e.  Will they work
    in my server?  Can I just remove the existing hard drives and slip these
    new ones in?  I am aware of the issues regarding breaking the existing
    mirror.  I have collected considerable information from Microsoft and
    other sources to do this.  I don't want to purchase two hard drives and
    then discover that they don't fit and/or don't work in my server.  Also,
    should I be aware of any BIOS issues?

    I plan to purchase Norton Ghost to transfer the data from the existing
    storage media to the new drives.

    Thank you.


    Kurt Todoroff

    Markets, not mandates and mob rule.
    Consent, not coercion.
    Kurt R. Todoroff, Feb 7, 2007
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  2. Kurt,

    Based on the info you have posted, I don't think you will have an issue.
    My only two pieces of advice would be: don't go too large on the
    replacement drives (or check the limits if any imposed by your
    motherboard) and ensure you buy PATA drives (not SATA).

    Good luck!
    Jonathan Roberts, Feb 20, 2007
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