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replacing stock fan on 6600GT

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by phu_me, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. phu_me

    phu_me Guest

    I have purchased and installed a XFX 6600GT gamers edition into my
    SB83G5M shuttle in the PCI-E slot. I have a Terratec 1400 DVBT card in
    PCI slot aswell. Currently the GT is very noisy and accounts for 80%
    of the sound. I would like a VGA cooling solution which will make it
    silent or less noisy than the stock fan and be able to fit into the
    shuttle as there is not much room. Anyone has this setup?

    I've seen passive Zalman and Thermaltake solutions but they seem to
    cover the card alot and I'm not sure I have the space required. Also
    as they are passive, it'll heat up much more right? I also looked at
    the zalman vf700 quiet fan but again if someone can confirm it will fit
    that would be good.

    Specs of rest of hardware, P4 3.4 HT 540J, 2 x 1Gb crucial 3200 ram,
    74gb raptor, 300gb wd sata, pioneer 109. Currentl idle temps range
    from 50-55 on idle.
    phu_me, Jun 29, 2005
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  2. phu_me

    Stoneskin Guest

    left a note on my windscreen which said:
    After fitting two of these VF700 VGA coolers I can highly recommend them
    as both a silent and/or cooling solution.

    Basically when fitted the heatsink of the card will be very close to any
    adjacent card - if I fit another PCI card below the second PCI-E slot in
    my Asus A8N motherboard there is barely a 2-3mm gap between the surface
    of the card and the heatsink.

    Having said that it is still quiet and cool despite the restricted
    airflow (I'm running the fan on the 12v supply and the PCI card is only
    a half-height wireless network adapter so it's not too bad).

    I've found some images of the VF700 installed to help you estimate the


    Also the product page http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.asp?idx=
    149&code=013 does say at the bottom that the adjacent slot will become
    Stoneskin, Jun 29, 2005
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  3. phu_me

    Dragoncarer Guest

    I personally don't know if it can fit, but they say it will render one
    adjacent pci/pci-ex/agp slot useless - because the heatsink/ fan will cover
    it up.
    Other than that...it sounds like a dream cooling sink/fan. I dunno. That's
    what I heard.
    Dragoncarer, Jun 29, 2005
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