REQ: A8N32-SLI DLX Heat Pipe Removal? ---- TIA

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bob Wells, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Bob Wells

    Bob Wells Guest

    Can this heatpipe assembly be removed from the motherboard? It blocks
    the use of my U320 Scsi host adapter on the PCI Express X4 MB slot.

    I have an AMD FX-60 with a Zalman 9500 CPU cooler.

    Thanks for any suggestions and comments.
    Bob Wells, Apr 30, 2006
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  2. Bob Wells

    Paul Guest

    In a picture of your motherboard, it looks like 6 push-pins hold
    it down. You'll need to pull the motherboard out of the case
    to do it. The push-pins probably need to be pinched with a
    pair of pliers, and then eased out.

    Then, you'll need two 35x35mm Northbridge coolers to take
    the place of the heatpipe. You could use something like this:

    or one of the flat ones here (but then you'll need a way to
    fit a fan to these):

    Going passive and using no fans on the Northbridge and
    Southbridge, might lead to too high a chip temp. I'd want
    some kind of fan on there.

    The tough part, will be finding a replacement for the
    MOSFET heatsink. Now, they do offer the aluminum one
    for sale here, so you don't have to make a kludge out
    of BGA memory sinks. You can use two of the six push
    pins removed from the original assembly, to fit it:

    They also list accessory fans for the A8N32, and maybe
    these are the ones that are supposed to fit to the
    above heatsink ? The pictures leave a lot to be desired.

    These are memory heatsinks, in case you want a look.
    These particular ones have double sided thermal tape
    on them, to fit the heatsink to a chip.

    So, yes, if you have deep pockets, and a tolerance for
    the nuisance factor, you could probably remove the heatpipe
    assembly and come up with an effective replacement.

    Paul, May 1, 2006
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  3. Bob Wells

    John Lewis Guest

    Probably, by careful manipulation of the push-pins after removing the

    I have a A8N32-SLI ---there MAY to be enough clearance to bend the
    heat-pipe downwards ( after removal, of course ) to clear a long
    board. ( Need to set up a fixture before any bending to ensure all the
    heat-sinks are returned to coplanarity by opposing bends elsewhere.)
    Since I don't have your adapter to inspect, there might still be
    clearance issues between components on the adapter and the "NB"
    heat-sink that would render my suggestion impractical.

    I shall be very interested in your solution, but only if it is
    passive, is as thermally effective, and does not occupy any more
    heat-sink footprint than the heat-pipe
    BTW, on my A8N32-SLI, I have a 4400+ overclocked to 2.62GHz (24hr.
    zero failures with multiple simultaneous instance of Prime95) and the
    9500 cooler - a very fine cooling solution indeed. A superbly
    practical and clever design. Weight well within the AMD specified
    limits. Run at 1800RPM max. in my system, so very quiet. Maximum CPU
    temp, both cores fully loaded ~ 48 degrees C. Oriented front-to-back,
    the 9500 also keeps the memory very nicely cooled plus it positively
    assists the rear case-fan with the cooling of the heat-pipe

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, May 1, 2006
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