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Discussion in 'Dell' started by allegro, Mar 16, 2005.

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    I posted this question before, but until this week, i still hoped Dell would
    help me out in the end.

    As posted before, ordered a Dimension 8400 with MCE2005 in October. It
    worked great, however after a few months i decided i would do a fresh
    install to get rid of all the Dell stuff.
    Then i found out, about 40% of the Dutch Dell version of MCE2005 was
    I tried cleaning the disc, recovering the data with isobuster, other data
    recovery tools and even 2 computer shops tried to help me out. In the end,
    it was impossible to get a working disc.
    I tried the dvd-rom reader of my own 2 machines, and the systems they had in
    those shops..

    I've called and emailed Dell for a replacement disc for about 6 weeks or
    more, but they refused to send me one. They didn't really explained why,
    until last monday.
    Dell claims i had to send the software back within 30 days after the systems
    arrival, however it was working fine then..
    One of the reasons that i did a fresh install, was because i bought a new tv
    tuner (Hauppauge PVR500 MCE)
    They also told me, they dropped MCE2005 from the site (which i verified),
    because only a few people in Holland ordered it.

    So, it's impossible to get any support from Dell, i guess.. (It sucks,
    because i paid for it)

    That's the reason i tried posting on this group and the Dell forums, the
    largest Dell userbases i could think of..

    If there's any chance finding a Dell owner with a Dell branded copy of
    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, i guess it's here..

    So, since Dell isn't helping, i'm still hoping a Dell MCE2005 owner is
    willing to help..

    What i need is a copy of the Dell branded version of MCE2005 to get my Dell
    key and licence working.. (At the moment, i don't care if it's Dutch,
    English or another language)
    Microsoft Support told me a few weeks ago, that if i have original disc,
    cdkey and licence, i can use any Dell branded MCE2005 copy.. Doesn't matter
    if it's original, a copy or a downloaded version.

    I'm willing to pay a small fee for anyone, who could help me out uploading
    the disc (i need the Dell copy) to my XDrive account, a newsgroup or
    I could also download it from an FTP server, if that's what you prefer.

    My best option would be a full disc, so i can recreate the directory
    structure, cdlabel, etc of the Dell disc..
    But, i could work with about 13mb of needed files from the Dell MCE2005 disc
    as well. (Since chances are small to obtain a Dutch copy)
    I can use those files to change a regular OEM copy, to a Dell version that
    doesn't need activation or a key.

    So, i really hope someone could upload a copy of the dvd or those needed
    files i specified below.



    To upload the full disc or the 12mb of needed files -specified below- (and
    maybe the content i'm missing), i can get it from FTP, or you can use any
    binaries newsgroup or my
    XDrive account:
    Pass: upload

    I can pay a small fee with Paypal, or if someone makes a copy and sends it
    by regular mail, i can mail cash to you.

    P.S: You can always just email me if you don't want to reply in this group.
    P.S2: My copy of the Dell MCE disc (Dutch) (now it's even more
    defective, tried to polish it..)

    The files i need from the Dell labeled MCE2005 cd:

    -------- The needed files ---------
    In folder \I386:

    In folder I386\WIN9XUPG:

    Then you could archive it with Winzip or WinRar.

    You could create a batchfile that copies the needed files, from in my case
    the G: drive (cd-rom) to the folder C:\XPbios.

    Copy and paste this to a new txtfile (notepad) :

    MKDIR C:\XPbios
    COPY G:\I386\DPCDLL.DL_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\EULA.TXT "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\NT5INF.CA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.BI_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.CA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.DA_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\OEMBIOS.SI_ "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\PIDGEN.DLL "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\SETUPP.INI "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\SETUPREG.HIV "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\UNATTEND.TXT "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V
    COPY G:\I386\WINNT.SIF "C:\XPbios\" /Y /V

    Save as for instance XPbios.bat -you may have to edit location of cd and
    folder-, then save it and double cick it..

    On C:\ there is a new folder created called XPbios with the needed files,
    you can now use WinZip or WinRar and upload it to
    allegro, Mar 16, 2005
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