REQ: Info on Classic for new G5 and copying my old files to it

Discussion in 'Apple' started by sn00ge, May 17, 2005.

  1. sn00ge

    sn00ge Guest


    I have just bought and received a new dual 2.0 G5. I haven't
    even opened the box yet, but I have a couple of questions
    I'd like to ask before I do.

    1) Copying files from a 2002 Quicksilver G4 933 running
    10.3.6 to the new G5 running Tiger 10.4. As I understand it,
    I can start the G4 up in Firewire target disk mode and
    connect it to the G5. At that point, can I just Finder-copy
    various applications from /Applications on the G4 to
    /Applications on the G5? How about Finder-copying documents
    from, say, ~/Documents on the G4 to ~/Documents on the G5?
    Will any ownership issues crop up from doing that?

    2) Classic support on the new G5. From what I've read, the
    new G5s that ship with Tiger don't have Classic installed.
    However I have a MacOS 9 install disk that came with my old
    G4. Can I use that to install Classic on the new G5? Or can
    I just Finder-copy the MacOS 9 System Folder from the old G4
    to the new G5 while the G4 is in Firewire target disk mode?

    Thanks much!
    sn00ge, May 17, 2005
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  2. sn00ge

    Dave Seaman Guest

    The first-time startup procedure on the G5 gives you an opportunity to
    designate a volume to copy configuration info and files from. This could
    be another Mac connected in target disk mode, or perhaps just a regular
    hard drive. It's all automatic. I won't guarantee that the result will
    be flawless, but it seems to work pretty well and is much easier than
    trying to figure it out on your own.
    Classic should be available as an optional install from the system disks.
    If you are copying files from your G4 in target mode, your MacOS 9 System
    Folder and your OS 9 Applications will be included automatically. It's
    possible that Tiger will want to update some of the files in your System
    Folder the first time you run Classic.

    You definitely can't use a MacOS 9 install disk on a G5 unless you
    already have a functional System Folder in place on the G5.
    Dave Seaman, May 17, 2005
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