REQ info on upgrade opinions: IT7-MAX2-V2, IC7G-MAX II, IC7-MAX3???

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Kurt, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Guest

    I am about to upgrade from an ABIT ST6-RAID / P3-850 system and would like some
    input from the gurus in this group as to what might be the most effective choice
    of a new MOBO before I plunk down a bunch of $$$.

    Proposed configuration:

    CPU: 3.0 GHz Hyperthreading (will purchase)
    OpSys: Win2K Pro, SP3 (don't trust XP yet)
    Video: AIW Radeon 9700 or 9800 (will purchase)
    Memory: 1 GB (2x512MB) Crucial DDR (will purchase)
    Audio: On board sound, initially
    HDDs: 1-80GB (boot), 1-120GB, 1-160GB, all WD ATA-100's (have)
    Optical Storage: 1-Pioneer DVD-116, 1-Pioneer DVR-A06U (have)
    Floppy: 1 generic 1.44MB (have)
    Power Supply: 400+ watts PC Pwr & Cooling or Antec True Power

    Which of the following MOBOs (IT7-MAX2-V2, IC7G-MAX II, IC7-MAX3) would be your
    choice for a system that would represent the best combination of reliability,
    current "state of the art" and maximum delay of obsolescence? I know that the
    new PCI Express spec will be implemented sometime next year, but I really don't
    want to wait until the MOBOs that have it become stable products (i.e. I've got
    the $$$ now, but may not then ;o).

    I realize that the IT7 (an upgraded BE7-RAID?) is getting old now, but mightn't
    it be more reliable than the IC series and, it has 4 PATA channels (2 normal, 2
    RAID) + 2 SATA channels? I also am not very familiar with SATA but assume that
    I could hang the 3 HDDs on SATA connectors 1, 3 & 4 (on the IC7, non-RAID
    config) booting from SATA 1. Also, are the Serillel2 adapters easily available
    from ABIT or aftermarket? I searched a bit but couldn't find any vendors
    listing them separate from the MOBO.

    Has ABIT cleaned up their act so far as not using the problem filter caps on
    their recent MOBOs? I had a BX-133 and SA6R go belly up recently because of the
    cap debacle, the ST6-RAID has not shown the problem at all.

    Any responses will be greatly appreciated - Kurt
    Kurt, Jul 26, 2003
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