Resolved: IS7 Boot Issue

Discussion in 'Abit' started by John, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Thanks to everyone that replied to my previous posts. The IS7 (Bios
    1.6) I was setting up is now working great. I had it running, but it
    would only boot in the Auto mode and not Enhanced so it didn't see all
    the CD drives correctly.

    I used a suggestion that was given by Old Egypt to the owner of an IC7
    Max3 having similar problems getting a Raptor drive to boot from the
    SATA in the Enhanced mode.

    Once I set the IDE Bus Master setting to Enabled ( which the manual says
    only needs to be enabled for DOS), I was finally able to boot to the
    Raptor on SATA1 in the Enhanced mode, plus have the extra Maxtor drive
    and two CD drives connected to IDE1 & 2 to be finally seen correctly by XP.

    Guess it is time to build one for myself.

    John, Oct 16, 2003
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  2. John

    TomG Guest

    great job and good info too.


    Thomas Geery
    Network+ certified Abit Mirror <----- Cable modem IP
    This IP is dynamic so it *could* change!...
    over 117,000 FTP users served!
    TomG, Oct 18, 2003
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