Restore Diskette needed

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by NoJunk, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. NoJunk

    NoJunk Guest

    Anyone know where I could download a Master Restore
    Diskette Ver 1.27. System has windows 98, Pentium II,
    266 processor, Packard Bell Multimedia 730.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    NoJunk, Jan 13, 2004
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  2. NoJunk

    metronid Guest

    I think I have it some where
    I just do not know where

    I think that ver 1.2 361-00033-001
    will work with it or
    I have a boot floppy and I am sure that Simon can steer you to it also for
    Systems produced after July 1999

    The master restore floppy should be on the master CD as an image file (.img)
    about 900KB
    It is often called Osboot
    metronid, Jan 13, 2004
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  3. NoJunk

    Pop12u2 Guest

    I have the original master restore floppy and master CD. It's been so long I
    couldn't remember quite how to do it. I thought all I had to do was put in the
    Master CD and it would prompt me from there but it doesn't. All I can do is see
    the folders. Don't know how to start the actual restore. I put my floppy in but
    wasn't sure what to do or if my floppy was corrupted.
    Meanwhile as I'm here writing this, I turned on the computer I'm trying to
    restore and it's saying "Missing operating system". Doesn't sound good.
    I had gotten some spyware on it and couldn't seem to remove it so I decided to
    just restore because it had been a while since I had. Any suggentions?
    thanks guys!
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    Pop12u2, Jan 14, 2004
  4. NoJunk

    metronid Guest

    Try this see if you can boot with floppy only
    If you are able
    Boot with the floppy no CD
    When it cmoes to the screen to insert Master CD or whateverHit escape
    It should come to an A prompt
    At the A prompt type format c:
    Let it format the drive
    It will put command com on the HD
    which is the most simple OS

    When done boot again with floppy and master CD
    and pray of course

    If it does not boot I will send you a restore floppy by email
    metronid, Jan 14, 2004
  5. NoJunk

    Pop12u2 Guest

    This is what I get when I try yo boot with the floppy only:
    Starting Windows 98...

    The following file is missing or corrupted: EMM386.EXE
    There is a error in your CNFIG.SYS file on line 2

    The following file is missing or corrupted: COMMAND.COM
    Type the name of the Command Interpreter (e.g., C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM)

    Not quite sure where to go from here. If you think your restore floppy will
    work for me email it if possible.
    remove NoJunk to email me
    Pop12u2, Jan 14, 2004
  6. NoJunk

    metronid Guest

    Zip the restore floppy and send it to me
    make sure you send the hidden folders also
    If not possible send me one file at a time

    Off hand it sounds like a bad floppy
    or bad config sys
    By the way did you look for the image file on
    the master CD
    metronid, Jan 14, 2004
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