Resurecting a PB Legend Supreme 1600 (again?)

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Sam, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest


    I am trying to resurecting a Packard Bell Legend Spreme 1600 which had

    Pentium 133MHz CPU,
    24 MB EDO SIMM Ram,
    Aztech (ISA) Sound/Modem Combo card. (FCC ID: 138-MMSN855 - No driver
    found in Aztech web site)
    ATI Wonder TV/Video 3D RageII+/DVD Card.
    2GB Hard Drive.

    Unfortunately I was not able to boot the system with the ATI Card, So I
    removed it and able to boot it with the onboard video card.

    Also the Aztech sound card, though Win98 identified it as AZTECH 2325,
    I am not able to get any sound from the card. The cards output is
    marked with icons instead of letters that in the fllowing order
    MIDI/GamePort, Line-Out, Mic, Line-In, RJ-11 Port for Modem. Idont see
    any Speaker out. So I hookup my speaker to the line-out but not hearing
    anything. Also I see the CD-ROM drive is working fine, I can listen to
    audio from the headphone, attached to the headphone jack in the
    frontface panel of the CR-ROM. And also an CDAudio cable goes from the
    CD-ROM drive back to the Aztech card CDAUDIO1 port/pins. CDAUDIO2 is
    left open and not connected to anything.

    I upgraded the memory to 128MB. Not sure this is good. But the system
    detected the memroy and not error when booting.

    Now the real question how to make the onboard Video disable and make
    the ATI Wonder Video Card recognized by the system?

    Appreciate any help.

    Sam, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. Sam

    Ben Myers Guest

    You seem to be well ahead of the game so far. 128MB makes much more sense than
    a meager 24MB.

    Names like "Legend Supreme 1600" are nice sounding marketing names, but they do
    not give a clue as to what is inside the system. You need to identify the model
    of the motherboard to determine what needs to be done to install the ATI PCI
    card properly. The motherboard's BIOS identification string is displayed when
    the computer powers up initially. It shows up either near the top of the screen
    just below the copyright statement or down near the bottom. Write it down and
    let us know what it is. If the board is made by Intel (AMI BIOS), you need only
    to install the ATI card, then add the drivers. Other boards may require a
    jumper setting or two.

    Depending on the model of motherboard, you may also do well to install a faster
    processor, if you can get your hands on one... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Apr 12, 2005
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  3. It depends on the motherboard. For example, my PB680 has no jumpers or BIOS
    settings (original AMI or upgraded MR BIOS) to disable onboard video. All you
    can do is disable it in Windows through Device Manager.

    Start by going to Add New Hardware (select from list), add a Display Driver,
    Standard VGA, then go to the existing display driver in Device Manager and
    mark the "Disable in this profile" box. At this point you will either need to
    install the new card's driver software, or shut down and plug in the card
    itself - follow the instructions that came with the card to see which to do
    first. Do not allow Windows to reboot when it asks. At this point you'll
    either install the software then shut down to install the card, or vice-versa.
    Most times you're supposed to plug the card in first, but if that's the case
    you still don't want to reboot - you need to Shut Down.


    Alan "A.J." Franzman

    Email: a.j.franzman [ A T ] verizon [ D O T ] net

    Alan 'A.J.' Franzman, Apr 15, 2005
  4. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Thank you for the reply,
    The BIOS is AMI BIOS 1.00.08 DN0R
    I have the ATI Video Card working, only thing is the Sound Card still
    not working.
    Yeah, definitly this need a Processor upgrade too, I am not sure this
    mobo[bios] will take a P2 MMX Processor? If any url pointer to that I
    will greatly appreciate.

    Thank you again.

    Sam, Apr 15, 2005
  5. Sam

    Sam Guest

    ATI Video Card is working and the onboard video is disabled. Thank you
    for the instructions that really helped. Now only I made the Sound card
    to work it will be a complete system for playing Multimedia etc.

    Thank you

    Sam, Apr 15, 2005
  6. Sam

    Ben Myers Guest

    Now we're getting somewhere. The DN0R BIOS suffix indicates an Intel-made
    Orlando NV430 motherboard. You can get the complete technical spec here:

    In summary, the fastest possible processor is a 233MHz Pentium MMX, and the
    maximum memory is 128MB, consisting of 4x32MB EDO 72-pin SIMMs. The audio chip
    is a Crystal 4236, and you should be able to find drivers on either the Crystal
    or the Intel web site.

    If you want to upgrade the system to the max, contact me off-line and I'll give
    you prices for CPU, memory and a new CPU cooling fan. Reasonable prices for the
    year 2005, that is... Ben Myers email:

    Ben Myers, Apr 15, 2005
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