revive MB hit by lightning?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Samuel, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Samuel

    Samuel Guest

    hi folks,

    my p4 is dead following storm.dead as in silent,not even fans. i think
    it got hit via usb adsl modem (as i have no dial tone either now) and
    exited into my home LAN via the network card as when i remove this
    card and switch on the atx PSU fan turn on for 5 sec then shuts down.i
    have other pcs on this lan (without modems) which wont turn on either
    but i am not worried about them as they are obsolete.

    does this shutdown after 5 sec indicate a short on the board?

    how can i be sure its MB which is fried?

    how to i proceed to diagnose the short?would it be near the USB
    port?anyone ever manage to revive his board?thanks

    Samuel, Sep 17, 2003
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  2. Samuel

    Dodgy Guest

    Best thing you can do is try all the bits in other machines one at a
    time. From personal experience though, a lightning strike really can
    screw a machine... A friend had one strike via the modem. The machine
    still worked but she asked me to check replace the modem.

    So I changed the modem. It didn't see it... So I started investigating
    and found that the motherboard had actually lost half the devices
    connected to the south bridge, such as the onboard lan.

    I suspect you have a dead short on your lan card, but probably 101
    other problems waiting in the wings.

    So basically it's bad news.

    Dodgy, Sep 17, 2003
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