running a 2800+ barton with a 400 MHz FSB

Discussion in 'Asus' started by futureworlds, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. futureworlds

    futureworlds Guest

    I'd like to run it with 200x10.5 = 2100. I'm not looking for an extreme OC or anything; just wanna get the FSB up to 400. Can this be done, or is the multi locked @ 12.5?

    How can I tell if my 2800+ is locked, and if it's locked, how can I unlock it (got a url w/ pics or something)?

    Thanks all!
    futureworlds, Dec 16, 2003
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  2. futureworlds

    Ed Guest

    Week 39 2003 and later are said to all be multiplier locked.

    Example of a chip code...
    AXDA2700DUT3C 9834509256125
    AIUCB 0312VPHM ®© 1999 AMD
    The 0312 tells you the year and week it would have been manufactured,
    Year 2003 Week 12.

    If you don't know the codes then just change the multiplier in the bios,
    lower or higher one step and reboot, if it still boots at the same MHz
    then it's multiplier locked, simple as that, and AFAIK there is no
    unlock for the NEW locked chips, all you can do is raise the bus speed
    as far as the board can run stable.

    Ed, Dec 16, 2003
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  3. futureworlds

    Chip Guest

    OC or anything; just wanna get the FSB up to 400. Can this be done, or is
    the multi locked @ 12.5?
    Or just as likely, if it won't boot at all, then its locked. Certainly if
    you try this on my MB, you just get a dead system. (But you can revive it -
    thank god - by powering off and waiting a while and then holding down the
    INSERT key whilst powering up, so as to restore some safe defaults.)

    Chip, Dec 17, 2003
  4. futureworlds

    Chip Guest

    Sorry, this is nonsense. I just tried it again and it booted up just fine
    as Ed said it would. But the multiplier hasn't changed. So I know my CPU
    is locked.

    Chip, Dec 17, 2003
  5. futureworlds

    Ed Guest

    IOW if AMD has seen any noticeable decrease in sales (not counting Xmas
    sales)? The Barton 2500+ had to be seeling like hot cakes, seemed like
    everybody was buying them.

    The unlocked CPU was the thing that pushed me over the edge back in May,
    I just couldn't resist. I was running a locked Palomino 2000+ at the
    time as my main PC and was never brave enough to butcher the bridges to
    unlock it, the Barton was just too easy, Plug n Play!

    Who knows, maybe some smart kid will figure out a way around the locked
    chips yet? It wouldn't surprise me if someone did.

    Ed, Dec 17, 2003
  6. futureworlds

    Chip Guest

    Yes its a shame they pissed on our camp fire. Before my Barton 3200+, I had
    a $79 XP2100+ tbred that (ironically) I suspect was a faster CPU. I used to
    run the old tbred at around 2400 ~ 2450 MHz with a 228MHz FSB. The new
    Barton (at least I got it cheap) will do around the same speed (2420 MHz),
    but of course since its locked I can't get the FSB higher than 220.

    So I gain a bit on the cache and lose on the FSB.

    I was hoping the Barton would go a bit higher, since I bought a genuine
    3200+. Had I known how it performs, and that it was locked, I wouldn't have

    I can't really see how this makes sense for AMD. Anyone who *know* about
    multipliers and FSB's just isn't going to buy a new locked CPU, if they have
    an old unlocked one that will do the same speed anyway.

    And anyone who doesn't know about multiplier and fsb's etc wouldn't know
    whether the CPU they bought was locked or not!!! So to them its irrelevant.

    The only thing AMD are doing is stopping people with (say) 1700's from
    changing to 2500 Bartons. A small dent in sales for AMD. And a big dent in
    customer relations. Bad move.

    Chip, Dec 17, 2003
  7. futureworlds

    Simon Guest

    OC or anything; just wanna get the FSB up to 400. Can this be done, or is
    the multi locked @ 12.5?
    it (got a url w/ pics or something)?
    What is the advantage of running a different multi?

    I have my 2800+ (AXDA2800DKV4D - AQXDA0316) set at 168MHz x 12.5 running at
    2103MHz - I got the FSB up to 175 but get a little unstable.

    Should I be trying to tweak the multi in the bios? Should I put the figure
    up or down?

    Simon, Jan 6, 2004
  8. futureworlds

    Ed Guest

    FSB x Mult = CPU MHz.
    So if you want to run the FSB @ 200 I think you'll need to lower the
    mult. You should be able to run a Barton 2800+ @ 200 x 10.5 at default
    vcore as that would only be around a 17MHz overclock on the CPU.

    Ed, Jan 6, 2004
  9. futureworlds

    Brendan Guest

    i can get my 2800 up to 2.3ghz (200x11.5) at stock voltage and stock amd hsf
    :) got an a7n8x dlx

    Brendan C.
    Brendan, Jan 6, 2004

  10. Hi,
    is that 24hour Prime95 stable?
    Wayne Youngman, Jan 6, 2004
  11. futureworlds

    Brendan Guest

    hehe, duno yet. havent got prime95. It runs the games i play without a
    hitch, so its good enough for me atm.

    Brendan C.
    Brendan, Jan 6, 2004
  12. futureworlds

    Ed Guest

    I've had my Barton 2800+ stable up to 2378Mhz but it takes 1.80V to get
    it there and more vcore doesn't seem to help so I guess that's the max I
    can do, with my cooling anyway. (Vantec aeroflow & slow thermal case

    I prefer 210x11 @ 1.75v, which gives me 2315MHz on my A7N8X v2
    (non-dlx), 3x256MB Corsair PC3200LL(2-2-2-6), solid as a rock 24/7 for
    almost 8 months now!

    Ed, Jan 6, 2004
  13. futureworlds

    Netguider Guest


    I'm running an AMD 2800 Barton on a A7n8x v2 board using 200X11.5 for 2305.
    It's rock solid. Also have 1 gig of 4000 hyper X ram, (dual channel) and
    Koolance water cooling. This thing kicks butt. CPU runs around 26-27 C most
    of the time. Never seen it past 29.

    I'm also running a PCI video card and a dual channel Matrox AGP card. Three
    19" monitors on line. That's the one thing I couldn't do without. It's great
    to not have to minimize screens, just drag them to the 2nd or 3rd monitor.
    I can watch a DVD on one, surf the Net on another, and still have a monitor
    left for what ever else needs doing! It's like having three computers
    attached to one mouse and keyboard.

    Netguider, Jan 6, 2004
  14. futureworlds

    Ed Guest


    Almost sounds like you need another hand and eye! :)
    Ed, Jan 6, 2004
  15. futureworlds

    Jack Guest

    Hi Netguider, I have essentially the same setup as you: Koolance
    water cool, 2800+ but 1 G of PC2700 DDR in Dual channel. I have a ATI
    Radeon 9000 pro with a digial and analog connector. When I plugged 2
    monitors in, one digital and the other analog, they both displayed the
    same desktop, it's just like having duplicate monitors. Can you
    elaborate how you config your to work independently. Thanks
    Jack, Jan 7, 2004
  16. futureworlds

    Netguider Guest


    I didn't really have to do anything special to make the three monitors work
    together. The AGP Matrox card has the software for the duel setup. When I
    installed the PCI card, XP-Pro found it and when I clicked on the
    "properties", "settings" menu, I show all three monitors on the screen.

    The two other boxes say, "Use this device as the primary monitor" and
    "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor." That brought up all three
    monitors. The cursor moves across all three. I can drag and drop between
    them. The Matrox software lets me run them independently or I can configure
    them to all show the same thing. I can even spread Excel across all three

    It's great. I think I'd go back to an old Radio Shack "Trash-80" before I'd
    give up the three monitors. I'm thinking about adding a fourth :)

    Netguider, Jan 7, 2004
  17. futureworlds

    Paul Rossi Guest

    a7n8x deluxe v2
    barton 2800+ 10.5/215 1.75 pc3500 hyperX
    very stable 39-43 deg loaded
    Paul Rossi, Jan 12, 2004
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