s2462 stil really flakey... HELP

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Guest, Sep 14, 2003.

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    Guest Guest

    I wrote a couple of weeks ago about an S2462 Mobo with 1 gig ram internal
    video 2 Athalon XP 2.2 CPU's and no video.

    I can't tell what bios version I have but it comes up with Phoenix
    Server Bios 2 release 6.0

    Build time 08/13/01 10:02:15

    I have take one of the XP chips out so it is running single processor, I
    get video it goes through and starts to boot my 6.22 bios boot disk and
    hangs just after it displays: "Loading MS DOS...

    does anyone know of a way to get this booted to where I can update the bios
    and get it running?

    After dumping $1000 into outfitting this board for a nice system I am about
    ready to snap it over my knee!!!!! #:-<

    again HELP
    Guest, Sep 14, 2003
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  2. Guest

    Whodat? Guest

    Do you even get a single beep showing that you successfully completed
    the POST?

    1. If your bios are old (from the date it looks like you have 2.07
    bois), it may not boot with your 2200's - buy an MP 1200 for about $60
    (look on pricewatch.com). I'm not sure about the
    Xeon PS with adapter - that is an unknown to me, but if it doesn't
    boot after you do all in #2 below, suspect the PS and get a decent PS
    of the correct type. (see tyan website)

    2. Install the MP1200, 1 stick of memory (MUST be ECC registered
    memory), no additional video card (make sure the internal video jumper
    is set to ON), remove the RAID card and disconnect the drives - boot
    without a hard drive. Boot with a floppy only (use a win98 boot disk)
    and if you get thru the POST (you should) push F2 as soon as you see
    video to get into the bios. Once you see the bios screen, note the
    rev of bios and take a note of every setting in each bios screen.
    Exit the bios without any changes and try booting with the Win98 boot
    disk. If you make it to the A:/ prompt then you are in business for
    updating the bios. Once you do, you can change over to the 2200's as
    long as you do the XP to MP tweak noted in a previous post.
    Personally, I would get two MP's.

    3. Make sure you get onto the Tyan website and download the latest
    bios and read the flash instructions CAREFULLY. (I am assuming you
    have access to another machine to do this). Follow all instructions
    for the flash and Make Sure you reset the CMOS as noted in the manual
    after you do the flash.

    4. Boot again and F2 into the bios. The bios should now show the new
    bios (2.14 I believe).

    5. Memory is a bit of a sticking point on this MB. You can only
    successfully use 4 sticks if they are single bank sticks. The
    motherboard doesn't like to have more than 6 banks of memory and if
    you are using 4 sticks that have 2 banks each, you are violating that
    requirement. Some people luck out with 8 banks but it is best to use
    only three sticks unless you can verify that the sticks are one bank
    modules. Insert 3 stick of memory and boot again. If all is
    successful. power down and insert your Raid card. If you successfully
    get thru POST with it, you should be able to take it from there. If
    not ask again.

    Good luck.
    Whodat?, Sep 15, 2003
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