S2466-4M and Intel pro 1000 MT Server adapter

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by greg.depasse, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. greg.depasse

    greg.depasse Guest

    Does anyone have this intel NIC card working in either of the 64-bit
    PCI slots in an s2466-4M? I'm pulling my hair out. It would be nice
    to know if this is a lost cause or if I should continue to


    A detailed list of the problem:
    - The NIC does not work in PCI slots 1 or 2 (the 64-bit slots), but
    it works perfectly in any of the 32-bit slots. The motherboards on
    board NIC is disabled via jumper. Bus-mastering is enabled for the PCI
    slot. I've tried the BIOS setting to detect and not-detect option ROMs
    for the slot - no difference.
    With the card in the 64-bit slot, I get a link light and I can
    successfully ping the localhost - I can also ping the
    card's IP address if I manually set an IP Address for it. I cannot
    ping any other host on my network, I cannot get an IP address via DHCP.
    The cable, NIC, and network all work. I have tested them by enabling
    the motherboard NIC and moving the Intel NIC to a 32-bit slot and used
    the same cables and network setup.

    Operating System and Version
    - WinXP Pro SP2 using Intel v10 drivers
    - Ubuntu LiveDVD 5.10 kernel 2.6.12 using e1000 driver
    - Knoppix LiveCD 3.7 kernel 2.4.27 and 2.6.9 using e1000 driver

    BIOS Revision:
    - 4.06

    A list of controller cards installed in your system (such as sound,
    video, HDD):
    - Intel Pro 1000 MT Server NIC in PCI slot 1. Compatible with PCI
    2.2, 3.3 Volt, 33/66MHz
    page 2)
    greg.depasse, Jan 16, 2006
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