S2466 problem with 9600XT

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by ernest, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. ernest

    ernest Guest

    Tyan S2466-4M with ATI AiW 9600XT...

    All I hear after power up is one long beep and two short beep. BIOS is
    latest v4.0 release 6.0. According to Tyan it means 'ROM
    missing/checksum'. However, plugging this card into other computer
    gives me BIOS beep that indicate 'missing vid-card'. Plus when I use
    the s2466 to boot with this card plus another PCI vid-card, the PCI
    boot successfully and going into 'computer hardware' (Windows2000) and
    I do not see the 9600xt being detected by the OS at all.

    Seems all fingers pointing at a toasted vid-card :(

    Any other suggestions?

    ernest, Sep 17, 2005
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  2. ernest

    First of One Guest

    Yep, certainly looks that way. The M/B support 2x/4x AGP devices, so voltage
    is definitely compatible.

    BTW, the Tyan manual is remarkably comprehensive. It even warns of system
    wakeup by plugging in a PCI card, due to the PCI 2.2 specification. The
    experienced crew at HardOCP has been known to fry an un-cooled Athlon during
    system assembly because of this, so it's definitely good advice.
    First of One, Sep 17, 2005
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  3. ernest

    ernest Guest

    Yeah I go back to FS and they actually willing to exchange even I
    bought from FS online. The new card works so the old card prolly


    ernest, Sep 19, 2005
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