S8230 not booting

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Mahadevan, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Mahadevan

    Mahadevan Guest

    I have a S8230 mobo with 2 opeterons. I am using 500W power supply.
    When I connect the power, LED2 and LED6 comes on, no other fans and
    switching. After a delay of 2 secs, LED6 flashes. Is this a power-
    supply compatibility issue. If so, which power-supply works with this
    mobo ?

    Mahadevan, Jul 29, 2011
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  2. Mahadevan

    Paul Guest


    "2.11 Installing the Power Supply.

    24-pin (PW1)

    8-pin (PW2, PW3)

    Connect the EPS12V 8-pin power connectors. Both PW2 and PW3 are for
    CPU loading. With light load processors, such as HE model, one
    8-pin connector is OK. With SE model processors, both 8-pin power
    connectors are required.

    Verify the wire colors on PW2 and PW3. Four yellow wires on one
    side, and four black wires on the other side, of each 2x4 connector.

    If you're using a single processor, it goes in CPU0 socket.


    Start with one Opteron in CPU0 socket, wire up at least one
    2x4 power cable as well as the main cable, and try again.
    Make sure the 2x4 power cable has the four yellow wires on
    one side.

    If using a 500W supply, you'll want to study the current
    rating on the label with respect to the 12V outputs. You can
    look up the TDP power rating of your processor(s) here, in the
    server section.


    For example, the S8230 can take a 6176SE processor.


    The 6176SE is a 105W processor. Two of those would be 210W,
    plus the Vcore conversion is perhaps 90% efficient. 210/0.90 = 233W max.
    233W/12V = 19.4 amps. Check that 12V2 can handle that current, if
    it is a dual rail supply. Ideally, you'd want a supply with one
    single 12V output for the whole supply, as it's better able to
    spread the current without current limiters cutting in.


    If you have a bunch of hard drives, they could be drawing
    current from 12V1.

    That motherboard has some LED indicators, as pinouts on some of the
    headers. So not all the LEDs are soldered to the motherboard. There
    seems to be a bank of LED indicators for disk drives, but other
    than that, it would be LEDs on LAN RJ45 stacks. Any other indicators,
    you'd have to wire to the appropriate headers on the motherboard.

    A PCI POST card could be used, I suppose, to detect progress. The manual
    lists port 80 codes for that. See section 4.3 AMIBIOS Post Code
    in the manual, for a list of what hex code values to expect on
    a POST card.


    Port 80 Post card, for usage in the first PCI slot (keyed 5V).


    Paul, Jul 29, 2011
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  3. Mahadevan


    Aug 12, 2011
    Likes Received:
    any updates?

    Did you figure out the blinking LED6? I have the same issue.

    mycorrado, Aug 12, 2011
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