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Samsung Q1B UMPC - firmware upgrade to up RAM max to 2GB?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by apl, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. apl

    apl Guest

    I have a Samsung Q1B

    which with the base 512MB was slow as molasses in January, but now seems tobe a decent portable little XP box after I followed these directions to upgrade the memory to 1 GB:


    I also have a 2 GB module of the same type & would like to move into this PC if I could. However, the machine doesn't turn on with the 2GB module plugged in (no BIOS screen, just black). Any hope?

    (The 2GB module works fine in a HP Mini 1000, which, despite the extra RAM,an upgraded HDD & a fresh XP install, is so slow I have relegated it to being a print server.)

    I checked the Q1B's BIOS version and per Samsung's site, it is the newest (03EA). However I thought I saw a page describing 2GB working with a 3.0 firmware upgrade. I don't know if 03EA is the same version, if the page I saw was about a newer model & my eyes just saw what they wanted to see (it was late), or maybe there was a typo on the page (not finding it on Google today).

    So anyway I thought it can't hurt to ask if there is a newer firmware for the Q1b would let it work with 2GB.

    PS has anyone gotten it working with Win7 or Win8?
    apl, Aug 24, 2013
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  2. apl

    Auric__ Guest

    I'm guessing the BIOS doesn't support that much RAM.
    Auric__, Aug 24, 2013
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