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Samsung Q30 SSD solid state notebook clone NOW

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by fuzzieotter, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. fuzzieotter

    fuzzieotter Guest

    A solid state laptop computer has a solid state system drive instead of
    a mechanical hard drive. This "SSD" is pure NAND Flash memory in the
    format of a 2.5" drive. No moving parts. Nothing to break. Withstands
    over 1000 Gs of operating shock. No cooling necessary. And completely
    silent. Uses only 5% of the power of a traditional hard drive,
    boosting battery life by 40 minutes (according to Samsung). An SSD is
    the FASTEST drive you can put in your laptop by far. This laptop has a
    14.1 in screen, Core Duo CPU, 512MB RAM, DVD-RW optical drive,
    801.11a/b/g wireless, 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet LAN, VGA and TV
    output, and more. Check out pics at http://www.dvnation.com/q30.html
    fuzzieotter, Jun 1, 2006
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