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Samsung SyncMaster 24" Monitor to SunBlade 1000?

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Thomas Van Lent, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Has anybody been successful connecting a Samsung SyncMaster 243T to
    SunBlade 1000 running Solaris 9 with a Creator 3D Series 3 Graphics card

    I'm not very experience with Sun workstations; I inherited the
    workstation, and bought the 24" monitor (it works fabulously with my
    Powerbook!) because I thought it was substantially the same as the Sun
    24" monitor. I installed patch 112621-12, which the documentation said
    was supposed to recognize the 1920x1200x60d, and includes the most
    up-to-date ffbconfig.

    When I hook it up, the only resolution that works is the 1152x900 at 66
    Hz, and even that looks terrible, multiple with shadows off to the right.

    Below is the ffbconfig for the configuration and the supported

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    #ffbconfig -prconf

    --- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fbs/ffb0 ----
    Type: double-buffered FFB2+ with Z-buffer
    Board: rev 2 (Vertical)
    PROM Information: @(#)ffb2p.fth 2.0 98/07/14
    FBC: version 0x3241906d
    DAC: Brooktree 9070, version 1 (Pac2)
    3DRAM: Mitsubishi 130b, version 2
    EDID Data: Not Available
    Monitor Sense ID: 7 (Unknown monitor type, defaulting to Sun 19" monitor)
    Monitor possible resolution: 1152x900x66
    Current resolution setting: 1152x900x66

    #ffbconfig -res ?
    Valid values for -res option are:
    1024x768x60 *
    1024x768x70 *
    1024x768x75 *
    1024x768x77 *
    1024x768x84 *
    1152x900x76 *
    1280x800x76 *
    1280x1024x60 *
    1280x1024x67 *
    1280x1024x76 *
    1280x1024x85 *
    960x680x112s *
    960x680x108s *
    640x480x60 *
    640x480x60i *
    768x575x50i *
    1440x900x76 *
    1600x1000x66 *
    1600x1000x76 *
    1600x1280x76 *
    1920x1080x72 *
    1920x1200x70 *
    1920x1200x75 *
    1600x1200x60 *
    1600x1200x75 *
    1600x1200x60d *
    1920x1080x60d *
    1920x1200x60d *
    1280x1024x60c *
    svga *
    1152 *
    1280 *
    stereo *
    vga *
    ntsc *
    pal *
    * monitor does not support this resolution

    Thomas Van Lent
    Everglades Foundation
    Thomas Van Lent, Sep 26, 2005
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  2. Try a 'ffbconfig -res 1920x1200x60d now'
    Just ignore any warnings.

    Depending on what cable and adaptor you use results may differ a great deal.

    Fredrik Lundholm, Sep 27, 2005
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