SATA backplane question

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by John Oliver, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. John Oliver

    John Oliver Guest

    On an X6DAE-G2 motherboard in an SC823T-550LP chassis... system was
    delivered with two disks. We added two more, but they don't show up in
    the BIOS. I noticed that the backplane has 6 SATA connectors, but the
    motherboard only has two. There are currently two SATA cables going
    from SATA0 and SATA1 on the motherboard to 0 and 1 on the backplane.
    The working disks are in the upper-left bay and the one directly below
    that. The non-working disks are in the upper-right bay and the one
    below it. How do we get the two new disks working?
    John Oliver, Feb 26, 2005
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  2. John Oliver

    daytripper Guest

    Add-in a four-port SATA HBA and cable it over to the unused backplane slots?
    daytripper, Feb 26, 2005
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  3. John Oliver

    John Oliver Guest

    Yeah... I hadn't realized that SATA was a one-to-one thing. A new card
    is on the way...
    John Oliver, Feb 26, 2005
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