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Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Ryan Snyder, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Ryan Snyder

    Ryan Snyder Guest

    A friend of mine recently picked up 2 WD 250GB SATA drives, and we
    have had nothing but problems with them. He currently is using a
    8INXP Ultra, Has a Maxtor 160GB IDE (On Primary IDE), and CD and DVD
    Burners filling out secondary IDE.

    He first tried to install the SATA drives to the Silicon Image
    controller, set up as RAID 0, and use norton ghost to move the data.
    Everything was successful up until this point, where he disconneted
    the IDE drive, and XP wouldn't boot. No errors, no "Missing OS", but
    it would just hang right where you would expect those errors to come
    up. I take a look at it, and determine that the best thing to do is
    install a fresh copy of XP to just the SATA RAID, and install the IDE
    after that to retrieve the data. The install goes great, install a
    few needed drivers,
    reboot as needed, and all of a sudden on the fifth or sixth reboot
    after the install was completed, it wouldn't start. Same problem as
    above. We eventually determined that if there is a bootable CD in, and
    we ignored the "Press any key to boot from CD..." message, XP would
    boot fine, without a bootable CD, no go. I search the BIOS for some
    kind of "boot delay" or something similar and did not find anything.

    We decided to push on and try to solve that one later. We hook up the
    160GB IDE drive to the Primary controller, and even with a bootabke CD
    in, windows will not boot. I try the secondary controller. It won't
    boot. Unplug the IDE drive, and windows boots.. (but only with a
    bootable CD in.) I even tried the IDE RAID and it would not boot.

    I have noticed various people having trouble with IDE and SATA
    coexisting, but has anyone encountered the CD issue?

    Any help, or even a point in the direction of help is appriciated!

    Ryan Snyder, Jul 12, 2004
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