SATA on GA-965P-S3 - Newbie needs a little spoon feeding, please help!

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by jimrainfordson, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. My original intention was to try to get an old IDE image to work on an
    SATA drive, but I'm finally giving up and so I've decided to do a fresh
    install. Much thanks to those who have helped me in the past either
    directly or through me reading threads I wasn't involved in. I'm gonna
    apologize in advance if my questions seem a little too obvious. They
    aren't meant to be! I've actually been throwing PCs together
    succesfully for about a decade now, but SATA caught me off guard.

    Installing XP (full version retail SP2) onto Western Digital SE16 329GB
    Motherboard: GA-965P-S3 (essentially the same as the DS3 in terms of

    #1. I don't plan to use RAID. I want to run my only OS from the SATA
    drive. I would also like to use my IDE CDRom. However, in the future,
    I might want to add a second SATA drive or I might even want to throw
    on one of my older IDE hard drives for storage (not OS). That said,
    I'd like to keep my options open as much as possible without creating
    conflicts. Seems to me that my best bet is the purple ported
    JMicron/Gigabyte supported SATA. If I understand correctly, that gives
    me the ability to run in AHCI. I know JMicron controller requires the
    F6 option during the OS install which brings me to my biggest point of
    confusion. Using the WinXP 32 bit driver from the website, there are
    actually 4 options during the OS install:

    Gigabyte GBB363 RAID Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)
    Gigabyte GBB363 AHCI Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)
    Gigabyte GBB360 RAID Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)
    Gigabyte GBB360 AHCI Controller (win 2k/xp/2003)

    Given what I want to do, what's the best way to keep my options open?
    I thought the F6 option during install only allowed you to load one
    driver, but other usenet threads suggest you can load many. If so, do
    I select them all at once somehow or is there a way to go back and F6
    again? If I am able to install multiple drivers, would that create any
    future conflicts? Could I, for example, load AHCI and RAID just to
    keep the door open? Anyway, if I don't want to use RAID and I'd like
    to try AHCI, then I guess AHCI is the way to go.

    #2. Although I plan to use the Jmicron SATA controller, is it true
    that I wouldn't need to use the F6 option if I simply used the (orange)
    ICH8 ports? (There are some conflicting usenet posts about this).

    #3. I formated and partitioned the SATA drive while booting from and
    IDE drive. I intend to reformat the SATA active partition before
    installing XP, but can I leave the other partitions created by the IDE
    or could this cause some kind of IDE-SATA conflict? (partions created
    using XP's Disk Manager utility software).

    #4. Eventually, I'd like to use True Image to make images of the SATA.
    One way to use this software is to create a boot CD lets you run True
    Image from the CD. Does this mean I would need to also install the DOS
    SATA driver during OS install? Is the F6 option the only way to
    install the DOS driver?

    #5. In the BIOS, if I'm not using RAID but would like to use IDE for
    my IDE CdRom while using the SATA Hard Drive, does that mean I need to
    set "Onboard SATA/IDE control mode" for "IDE" or will it all still work
    if I'm in "AHCI" mode?

    Sure do appreciate any help I can get!
    jimrainfordson, Jan 12, 2007
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