SATA RAID and drive imaging utilities? (was Re: Norton Ghost - Instantly Makes SATA Raid unbootable?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by John Everett, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. John Everett

    John Everett Guest

    Is this accurate re: the SATA RAID?

    The BootIt NG FAQ says:
    Q: Will BootIt NG work with my RAID or ATA66/100/etc controller?
    A: Yes as long as the hard drives are mapped in to the BIOS and the BIOS can
    be used to access them.
    Q: Will BootIt NG work with my hard drive?
    A: For compatibility reasons, BootIt NG uses the BIOS to access the hard
    drives. As long as there is a working BIOS interface available for the
    drive, BootIt NG will be able to access it.

    I thought that native SATA Ports are NOT supported by BIOS mapping -- and
    that to use SATA RAID on the 8KNXP's, you have to set the SATA controller
    drives to SATA native Port0 & Port1 (rather than re-mapped to conventional
    IDE drive positions).

    Isn't this why the 8KNXP manuals say:
    SATA Port0 SATA controller set to SATA port0. As this mode, it support by
    WinXP or later OS only.
    SATA Port1 SATA controller set to SATA port1. As this mode, it support by
    WinXP or later OS only. [sic, natch]

    Isn't native SATA only possible in WinXP (and "later") because driver
    support is require to access the native SATA, rather than relying upon the
    BIOS? Wouldn't the 'boot disks' of various drive imaging utilities NOT
    count as "WinXP or later OS"?

    On an 8KNXP Ultra system, have you actually booted from a utility boot disk
    and had read/write access to a SATA RAID volume? Is there any drive imaging
    utility that does/can/will provide this functionality?

    If no imaging utility does/can/will provide this functionality, what sort of
    disaster recovery plan is best on a SATA RAID system? Are we back to tape
    backups and reinstalling a minimal OS and then restoring from tape?

    Tia for any info,
    John Everett, Jan 23, 2004
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