Satellite Radio on iPod? I'm Interested, but Steve is Not.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Davoud, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Davoud

    Davoud Guest

    "Hugh Panero, chief executive of XM, and Mel Karmazin, chief executive
    of Sirius Satellite Radio, have both approached Steve Jobs, chief
    executive of Apple Computer Inc., about fusing Apple's popular iPod
    with a satellite radio receiver. But the radio executives have said
    that Jobs showed no interest."


    I /love/ XM Satellite Radio -- especially in my vehicles. I would love
    to be able to download audiobooks, music, and other content directly
    into my iPod.

    Davoud, Jun 9, 2005
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  2. Davoud

    Kyle Jones Guest

    The XM people want to fuse their radio on the iPod because they
    think they can trap content on it. Auto-expiration of content, DRM
    hell, etc. No, thanks.

    I like Griffin's radioSHARK. I can record programs off the air
    and shift them to my iPod as I see fit. I can share programs
    across the network at home so my wife can listen to them, and I
    can even have them appear on my TiVo without battling the forces
    of evil. A product like that, one that doesn't impose funky
    restraints on what I can do with the data, would be worth buying.
    Kyle Jones, Jun 9, 2005
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  3. Davoud

    Davoud Guest

    Kyle Jones:
    Yeah, I can do all of that, too, but I want I like XM Radio's
    programming, and I want to be able to put in on my iPod /easily/. I
    don't seem to be able to find as many commercial-free music stations on
    broadcast radio (read: none) as on XM.

    Davoud, Jun 9, 2005
  4. Mel Karmazin is an ├╝ber savvy media guy, I think he's as sharp as a
    tack and betting against him has historically been a bad bet.

    But I don't even like the /idea/ of subscription radio, even with the
    improved sound , commercial-free aspect and current freedom from FCC

    But Mel's got a huge contract with Howard Stern, inhabits a nascent
    market that may or may not survive long term, and I'm sure he's
    desperate to disseminate his offering as broadly as possible and the
    iPod would be a great vehicle for that.

    But unless he's willing to pay Apple a significant % of the
    subscription fees, why would Steve even consider it?

    For you? Okay I'll mention that to The Steve when he and I have lunch
    on sprouts next week, but I don't like the fit. It's all upside for
    Mel, and with the religious-right currently running the country, the PR
    risks for Apple are considerable.

    However, if you like, I'll be podcasting my dulcet tones reading the
    entire Vonnegut, Philip Roth, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Shakespeare and
    Erma Bombeck catalogs starting next month, and I'll be happy to provide
    a link when ready.

    That or make your own commercial-free iPod mix and use the darn iPod
    input on that thing you drive. <sotto voce> Sheesh, lazy slacker.
    </sotto voce>.
    John Steinberg, Jun 9, 2005
  5. We're being kept down by da Man! Twice in one week ;-)

    Leonard Blaisdell, Jun 10, 2005
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