Save 7% to 19% at the Gas Pumps

Discussion in 'Asus' started by lpmarketinggroup, Apr 25, 2006.


    Act Immediately on This...

    IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE United States (International)

    Use or find a USA address and telephone #.
    The company will soon INTERNATIONAL VERY SOON
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    100% FREE SIGNUP for the next 10 DAYS. We
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    I am atop a company that is about to
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    this sounds outrageous but the fact is, this
    company MANUFACTURES a product that is
    helping people save LOADS of money on their
    gas. We all know where fuel prices are going
    so what better time than now to save people money.

    That is the business I am in...and you can position
    for free RIGHT now. It WILL cost to position in
    the near future but I have arranged with the
    CEO for a time extension on free positioning.

    Follow my instructions asap..Time is money:

    Go to my site and watch all the positive media
    Fox and NBC and than sign up for free (next 10 days only).

    Sign up at

    It's a 2/3 rd's 1/3 rd binary
    with The Vortex Team taking care of The 2/3 rd's.
    Yes, I will have my vortex partners build
    2/3rds of your team. This is a LAY DOWN
    home run.

    All you do is have people watch the News Videos,
    it does the talking for you...CREDIBILITY
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    Gas prices WILL hit $4.00 a gallon, just watch!

    Position now, do not wait the 10 days...

    Sooner you join free, the sooner your team
    builds for you. Bottom line.

    This is not going to be big, this is
    going to be THE program of 2006/2007.
    We are in on this before everyone so
    do not hesitate. The time is now.

    Lesia Pacheco
    Vortex Fuel Group
    Executive Fuel Specialist Associate

    PS. Below are some tips for when you join!

    Tips on what to do when joining..

    AFTER you have chosen your username put in like this:

    In the URL and send it to everyone you know to
    take advantage of this FREE 10 DAY sign up...
    Let them know to click the "JOIN NOW"

    When you hit JOIN It will asks you for your ID.
    What it MEANS to say is CREATE your ID.

    you can choose anything you wish for an ID
    Your ID that you create will become your
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    Example our URL is

    Your URL will be the same with your user name at the end

    Just from our actions alone you will get TONS OF SPILLOVER
    ACT FAST... Do It NOW...We are not slowing down anytime soon.

    Remember to sign up at
    lpmarketinggroup, Apr 25, 2006
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  2. lpmarketinggroup

    Paul Guest

    Oh, Oh, another MAGIC gasoline additive...
    And they said on my local TV channel just last week,
    that the number of "gas saver" scams is on the increase.

    Maybe the dude should relabel the bottles as shampoo,
    and we can lather, rinse, repeat until he is rich :)

    A little car maintenance will save you as much money.
    For example, the temperature sensor on my car was broken,
    and it took me 2 years before the mechanics figured it out.
    I was losing 25% gas mileage while it was broken. Fortunately,
    they hired a new mechanic, and he figured it out on the
    first try.

    Paul, Apr 25, 2006
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