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SBLive Platinum 5.1 Live Drive

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by jimbo, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. jimbo

    jimbo Guest

    Hi. Got one of those live drive things w/the spid in/out, 1/4" mic in, etc.
    Thing here is I've never used it, tried it once forget what the results
    were and that was a tempermental machine. Ok, so got this thing wired up
    right, has power, can see the light in the optical out, question is- How do
    I activate this thing?

    Ok, my 1/4" headphones thing doesn't play sound but since I had the drivers
    from creative's website, just drivers w/audio hq, eax, etc, I started with
    the original cd. This thing like 4 years old but I installed all the 'old'
    stuff (or original stuff) on xp sp1. I want sp1. Anyway, I then got all
    the updates from the site and updated all that. Overall this is like a
    device sitting out there and it's got power but I have no of the inputs for
    line2's as the docs talk about.

    I've applied also the latest drivers but when I do run the remote, it says:
    "unable to detect any Creative Remote Control Receiver." Now I read about
    this in applying drivers and re-applied but this hasn't changed. This is
    for the infra-red window for the creative remote control right? If so,
    yeah, the app won't launch anyway.

    Then, and again, should I be getting audio out of the headphones thing?
    Obviously at some point, how do I know when this thing is working right or
    not? -TIA. Thanks. -jimbo
    jimbo, Dec 14, 2006
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