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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Dunrovin, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Dunrovin

    Dunrovin Guest

    This is a duplicate posting, sorry. No one responded to the first.
    Perhaps no one else cares?

    I found that in Leopard (did not happen in Tiger), capturing a WINDOW
    using the shift-command-4 + space keystrokes produces a pic (jpeg)
    with a border and shadow.

    Capturing a PORTION of the screen(s) using only shift-command-4 and
    dragging does not produce the border and shadow.

    Capturing the ENTIRE SCREEN(s) using shift-command-3 also does not
    produce the border and shadow.

    I have a hot key set to capture windows which I often paste into
    documents and I certainly do not need or want the border and shadow.

    Anyone know a way to eliminate this border/shadow effect?

    I realize "Grab" will do it but you really have to jump through hoops!

    Many Thanx,
    Dunrovin, Nov 20, 2007
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  2. Dunrovin

    Dunrovin Guest

    LOL ... I can't even find "gack" in the Oxford! It must be VERY
    ugly ;-)
    I checked my Lady's iMac (10.4.11) and a screen cap there is indeed a
    PNG! My G5 (10.5.1) and my G4 (10.4.11) both produce JPEGs! Don't
    understand it. To the best of my recollection, I did not change
    ANYTHING pertaining to screen shot format! When I have time I will
    dig around in my G4's innards to try and find what I did to change the
    default format.

    Thanx for your input :)
    Dunrovin, Nov 21, 2007
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