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Screen goes black momentarily

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Bill Bradley, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Bill Bradley

    Bill Bradley Guest

    Have noticed that, with WinXP (SP1 and all latest patches), the screen will
    sometimes go black for a second, then the desktop (or, whatever I'm using)
    comes back. It seems to not just happen with ATI, but, also with NVidia.

    Any idea what's causing this? It happens on multiple PC's and laptops.

    Bill Bradley, Jul 14, 2004
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  2. [This followup was posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati and a copy
    was sent to the cited author.]

    Most monitors, even on laptops, blank when they sense a signal change,
    such as when changing resolutions. It's possible Windows does a bit of a
    reset or something that causes a glitch in the video signal, fooling the
    monitor into blanking.

    I've also seen it happen when DirectX is initialized, or certain
    features are checked (such as some tabs in ATI's control panel.)
    Andrew Rossmann, Jul 14, 2004
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