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SD card is having trouble - is there a way to block out bad sectors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joshua Beall, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Joshua Beall

    Joshua Beall Guest

    Aaugh, forgot to set the followup-to. Please followup-to comp.hardware.
    Sorry about that!
    Joshua Beall, Sep 4, 2004
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  2. Joshua Beall

    Joshua Beall Guest

    Hi All,

    I don't know much about engineering of flash memory, but I have an SD card
    that always seems to go on the fritz when it fills up to a certain point.
    It's when I get around 15megs of data on it, then it goes nuts. If it's in
    my Pentax Optio 550, the whole camera freezes and I have to pull the battery
    out to get the camera to respond. If it's in my Canon Optura 20, it spends
    forever trying to write data to the card, and then gives a "card write
    error." If it's in my Sharp Zaurus, it takes forever, then gives me a "card
    I/O error" message.

    I am wondering, is there any way to format a SD card, similar to the way you
    format a regular disk, and block off the bad sectors, so that the rest of
    the disc is still usable? Or anything like this? The "format" commands in
    my camera and camcorder did not do seem to help.

    Thanks for any help!
    Joshua Beall, Sep 4, 2004
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  3. Joshua Beall

    John McGaw Guest

    So far as I know a computer treats a piece of compatible flash memory just
    as it does a removable disk drive -- format and all the other functions work
    on it (at least the Addonics flash reader and Mitsumi reader/floppy I've
    used on my more modern systems have). I just got done formatting a 128mB CF
    flash card in the Mitsumi within the hour. Does your camera have a format
    function built in? My Canon G1 has such a function and I suspect that it
    might be capable of detecting and locking bad sectors -- certainly nothing
    to lose in trying. Of course, if it doesn't work flash memory prices are at
    an all-time low right now and I just bought a 512mB CF card at a local store
    for <$80 this afternoon so you might want to consider a replacement.
    John McGaw, Sep 4, 2004
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