Secure replacement for "Secure" web console?

Discussion in 'HP' started by user, Aug 21, 2003.

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    Has anyone found a *secure* replacement for the HP "Secure Web Console"?

    We've currently got a few web consoles deployed and find them to be a
    wonderful tool. However, due to the well publicized security flaws in
    these devices, we're looking for a replacement. (See for
    more info on how insecure these things are.)

    The company that was making them for HP (Arula) at one time was making
    an almost identical device w/ the exception that it provided full
    session encryption (or so I was led to believe by the sales rep).
    Unfortunately, at the time, our purchasing budget was frozen.

    Now, I'm looking into replacements again. Arula has been purchased by
    Raritan. Raritan seems to have no familiarity with the secure web
    console products. A sales rep actually came to our site so she could see
    what the secure web consoles look like and how they're connected. She's
    currently looking into how to provide a solution based on the products
    Raritan now offers (which looks to be substantially more complex than
    the web console solution).

    What's so frustrating, is that the Secure Web Console was so close to
    being a perfect device. It shouldn't have been a major issue to modify
    the java applets to provide continuous SSL encryption. Instead, it
    appears as if further development on this product is at a dead end. It's
    been some time since a new firmware release has been made.

    Any ideas?

    - John Shepherd
    user, Aug 21, 2003
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