Security Update 2007-004 and MS Office 2004 applications crashing

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Viktor Haag, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Viktor Haag

    Viktor Haag Guest


    I updated my PPC Dual 2Ghz G5 with Security Update 2007-004 like a
    good citizen with no apparent problems.

    Then, this afternoon, I tried to use MS Office 2004 applications,
    specifically MS Word. I can now open some of my documents, but paging
    through them is noticeably slower than previously. Also, I can make
    small changes to the docs, and see the changes, but when I attempt to
    save the docs, Word crashes /hard/.

    All the Office apps have had their latest patches using the Autoupdate

    The crash reporter seems to be suggesting that the applications are
    crashing in a thread that's doing Glyph rendering/calculation. This
    suggests to me a serious problem that's been precipitated by the
    Security Update to one of the core system components.

    - Is anyone else noticing such problems?

    - Can anyone let me know how I might back out of the latest system
    update (I have a sinking feeling that it won't be possible to do

    I have tried to repair my machine's permissions, and have used Onyx to
    clean out my system and kernel, and applications caches. I have also
    used Onyx to rebuild the launch services, and removed all of Office's
    preferencs and the User Data directory.

    None of these things has helped. Is anyone else having problems with
    MS applications after the latest updates?
    Viktor Haag, Apr 20, 2007
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  2. Viktor Haag

    Viktor Haag Guest

    I haven't tried with a different user account on machine A, but on
    machine B I have done the update and notice no problems.

    The problem /appears/ to be traceable down to a particular font that's
    used in the document. However, I'm using the same font on machine A
    and machine B, so it's down to either where the font is installed, how
    it's being served to Word, or whether machine A's font is corrupted
    (it doesn't appear to be so).

    Soon, the solution will be "replace all instances of Font X with Font
    Y in documents"...

    Removing the font from machine A seemed to remove the Word crashing
    problems (Word provided some "default font" when opening the docs, and
    the crashing problems seemed to vanish).

    Thanks for your confirmations that the problems were local to one
    machine here.
    Viktor Haag, Apr 23, 2007
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