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Seeking Older Ampro Documentation/Info

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by FyberOptic, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. FyberOptic

    FyberOptic Guest

    Hiya folks, I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

    After learning about PC/104 architecture, I realized that this was
    something that I'd like to play around with. Unfortunately, the newest
    boards from most places are a pretty penny, and more than I'm willing
    to pay considering I'm just starting out with the stuff. Though I
    managed to find me an Ampro board on Ebay pretty cheap, but since it's
    discontinued, I'm having one heck of a time finding information on it.
    exact, going by the sticker. Either way, it's one from the CoreModule
    line, because it's just a small square of a board, with a 386sx-25

    It came by itself, so I didn't get the cables either, but I figure I
    can fashion those myself as long as I know the proper pinouts. Their
    other model boards seem to follow a similar pinout for each connection,
    so I'm fairly sure it's the same in this case. But since it has no
    floppy controller or video, I'm obviously a bit stuck as to how to get
    it to do anything without spending more money for add-ons (when I'm not
    even sure yet if this one works).

    I've read that these boards have the ability to boot from the serial
    port or an eeprom/disk-on-chip, and that they're capable of displaying
    output via the serial port if you don't have a video adapter, but
    without any sort of documentation on how to get these things to work,
    I'm at a loss.

    So if anyone knew of anywhere that might still have the PDF
    documentation (like they carry for all their current boards), or where
    I might could download the supplemental software as well, I'd be one
    happy camper. Heck, I'd even be more than eager just to hear more
    about the board if anyone has any experience with'em, since I can't
    find anything at all.

    For example, I've also read that the PC/104 bus is identical to ISA, so
    does that mean I could buy one of them overpriced PC/104 -> ISA
    adapters and use an old VGA card and floppy controller and they'd work

    In any case, thanks in advance!
    FyberOptic, Jun 30, 2006
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