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SEGA's LindBergh: new arcade board running some of the supposed Xbox 360 games

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Guest, May 29, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    At E3, Sega showed some new games that were all thought to be running on
    Xbox 360.

    some, if not all of these future games were actually running on a new Sega
    Sammy arcade board code-named LindBergh. this is the new high-end PowerVR
    based board that has been in development for several years. it was even
    announced (or mentioned) in press releases early last year:
    and widely expected to use the newest highend PowerVR Series 5 parts.

    this is the board expected to replace NAOMI 2, and probably Chihiro (Xbox
    based) and TriForce (Gamecube based)

    the E3 games in question that Sega showed were:
    Virtua Fighter, AfterBurner, House Of The Dead, Chrome Hounds and Sonic.

    these games were shown in a no-photographing, no-filming Sega theater
    presentation at E3. a female Sega representive kept stressing that these
    games were all real-time. you can see a video of these games here:

    what was not mentioned was, the hardware that these games ran on....

    after looking into this matter, from what I've gathered, it seems that at
    least some of the games were running on Sega's new highend arcade board, now
    apparently called LindBergh.

    a simple google of the words: Sega LindBergh .....will come up with some
    decent hits

    but here, I've already pulled them together for you, plus some other links

    http://alwaysgame.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=000IMQ&topic_id=SEGA Forum&topic=

    assuming you are actually interested in this stuff (you diehard SEGA fans)
    when looking at some of these message board threads, if you dont see
    LindBergh right away (what you would be searching for if you're actually
    bothering to check out these links!) just use the 'find' function on your
    browser, and search for LindBergh. .....heh, I feel like I'm being captian
    obvious here, but oh well.

    for the life of me though, I do not understand why SEGA is bothering with a
    new highend arcade board with relatively unknown GPU(s). PowerVR has been
    out of the high-end graphics scene for a long, long time. one would think
    that Sega could get similar if not much better performance by using standard
    ATI or Nvidia GPUs in parallel.
    Guest, May 29, 2005
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  2. Guest

    * Guest

    <gunhead> ha scritto nel messaggio

    sega says that his E3's videos was in real time on x360 hardware. period.
    *, May 30, 2005
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    no I think Sega said that their E3 tech demos were in realtime, but did not
    say what hardware they were running on.

    can you show me a quote from Sega backing up what you said about the demos
    being on Xbox 360?
    Guest, May 30, 2005
  4. Guest

    Xen* Guest


    Sega's Looks Ahead to Next-Gen Gaming (X360):
    Sega has always been known for making its presence known in the video-game
    industry. At this year's E3, the company decided to prove that this trend
    will be continuing as game consoles evolve to the next level. In a
    presentation held at its booth yesterday, Sega showed off some footage of
    what it has in store for next-gen gamer . and the results were quite
    impressive. What was even more impressive is that none of this next-gen
    footage was pre-rendered. Instead, everything was shown in real-time,
    rendered on the Xbox 360.

    The presentation began with footage from Condemned: Criminal Origins.
    Condemned is a first-person action/adventure in which players are hunted by
    a string of serial killers. The footage showed off the game's creepy
    environment, along with a few of the enemies skulking about hunting for you.
    Unfortunately, Condemned's dark setting took away from some of its visual
    impact, as it was hard to really see much detail due to its lighting
    effects. The game does do a good job of conveying a real sense of dread,

    Next up was footage from Full Auto. Sega is billing Full Auto as "The
    World's Most Destructive Racing Game", and with good reason. This game takes
    the best parts of franchises like Burnout and Twisted Metal, and melds them
    into a uniquely entertaining experience. Armed with a variety of weapons,
    drivers take to the streets in a brutal race to the finish line. I was blown
    away by how good everything looked in Full Auto. The cars all looked
    amazing, and the damage models were incredible. Of all the playable Xbox 360
    titles on display at E3, Full Auto seemed to be the most impressive looking
    to me.

    After showcasing its two playable next-gen titles from this year's E3, Sega
    let us get a glimpse of what's even further down the road, beginning with
    the previously unannounced Chrome Hounds. Chrome Hounds is a tactical,
    squad-based mech-combat game. Think of it as the love child between Rainbow
    Six and MechAssault. Sega didn't have any playable builds of Chrome Hounds
    at E3, but the gameplay footage of the hulking units stomping around the
    war-torn battlefield looked pretty impressive.


    E3 2005: Sega Delivers Chrome Hounds to Xbox 360
    Chrome Hounds promises full-on mech action with Xbox Live Online play.
    You'll be able to team up with other players Online and head out to the
    battlefield. bla bla


    Quizá a muchos el nombre de Chrome Hounds no les diga nada, pero lo cierto
    es que detrás de él, se esconde un juego con muchas aspiraciones en la nueva
    Xbox 360.

    News - First next-gen footage of Sonic, VF5, Afterburner, House of the Dead,
    Sega fans, rejoice! Some vids taken at E3 have surfaced showing the first
    next-gen footage of some Sega titles, which were all demoed for the Xbox
    360. They're tech demos, so we don't know whether or not they are all going
    to be made into games, but we do know that Sonic 360 and Chrome Hounds are
    in the works. The games included in the vids are Virtua Fighter 5, Sonic,
    Afterburner, House of the Dead, and Chrome Hounds (a mech game developed by
    From Software)


    A fifteen-minute video shown only in a private theatre demonstrates a first
    taste of the company's third 360 title -- and more intriguingly depicts the
    next-gen incarnations of some of the company's most popular franchises.

    Every portion of the video looked impressive, but Sega representatives were
    adamant that none of the visuals were pre-rendered (possibly in response to
    the controversy over Sony's PS3 demos).

    The third game is tentatively entitled Chrome Hounds ... bla bla..



    AND SO ON......
    Xen*, May 30, 2005
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok I see your point, good job >_<

    - it is possible though, that these websites made a mistake or were
    assuming these games were demo'd on Xbox 360 kits. I think we'll find
    out soon enough wheather these games were running on Xbox 360 or a new
    arcade board.

    I am willing to bet that Chrome Hounds, Sonic and AfterBurner were on Xbox
    360 kits, while Virtua Fighter and House of the Dead were on the new arcade
    board. yes, I accept the possibility that they were ALL on Xbox 360, but
    you should also be open to the possibility that VF and HoTD were on a new
    arcade board. the realtime rendering looked somewhat different between
    VF+HoTD and Sonic, AB, CH
    Guest, May 30, 2005
  6. Guest

    Xen* Guest

    <gunhead> ha scritto nel messaggio

    these websites are only the first that I've found ;)
    I've read the same things in so many sites, trust me

    sorry brother, but I don't find a reason to think this :-\
    they have introduced a lot of games only for x360 in their conference, the
    possibility that two of them can be extrapolate thinking 'bout another
    platform is near zero, in my opinion

    the realtime rendering looked somewhat different between
    I disagree
    the art style is different, the rendering no, I don't see differences in
    lightining, texturing, filtering
    see you next time!
    Xen*, May 30, 2005
  7. Thinking about Panzer Dragoon Orta and OutRun and Otogi, Sega is the perfect
    partner to do graphical showcase games with createve and distinctive visual
    Jukka Mustasilta, May 30, 2005
  8. Guest

    Xen* Guest

    I agree!!!
    Xen*, May 30, 2005
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