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Sell HW based on Beck IPC@CHIP SC12 from Italy

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by ROBERTO, Feb 17, 2004.


    ROBERTO Guest

    Hi people ,

    my factory has developed a board based on IPC@CHIP SC12 Beck (Festo

    The board include two serial port rs232C , a Can bus controller
    an ethernet interface RJ45 connector and a beautiful socket CF for
    programs and data , power supply on board (range supply is 10-24 Vac
    with economic 220-12Vac transformer)

    The CF is mounted by Dos disk extension API (i can put and get files
    from device B:!!!)

    There are Sw demo for Ethernet/Serial/Ethernet conversion,
    Ethernet/ Can / Ethernet conversion , mini web server , Smart Card
    SLE4442 Feature ,TCP I/O control with another board with 8 In/Out
    isolated ecc..

    the boards are very cheap !!!!!!!

    for information send me email at :

    bye from Italy

    ROBERTO, Feb 17, 2004
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