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Selling my Lenovo ..

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by diane, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. diane

    diane Guest


    I don't know .. For some reason this laptop is just overkill for me. I
    thought it was going to be smaller - lighter. Played with it for just a few
    days .. going to reformat ... Already listed it .. Sorry for taking your
    time with the Windows 7 update question .. I guess I will restore back to
    Vista .. In case you are interested it is auction 270515991943 .. Use buy it
    now and I will include the Ultra-Base ..

    I wonder if I will ever find my dream tablet. I was so disappointed in last
    years Fujitsu Lifebook .. Handwriting recognition was dreadful .. I don't
    like hitting the screen that hard. Wonder if that has been changed.
    diane, Jan 16, 2010
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  2. So I think there's no more need for the WinMail recipe. Right?
    The one you bought indeed is rather thick and heavy as it's a
    I'll possibly need a successor for my beloved HP/COMPAQ tc1100. Nut I
    will not buy a convertible.

    You might check Motion's slate models.

    Rainald Taesler, Jan 16, 2010
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  3. Pls see my posting in your other thread.
    Do you have that in the moment?
    Let's wait and see ;-)
    Nobody does at present knows when it will appear and which features it
    might have.

    I would have loved to have an iPhone as soon as it appeared. But over
    here in Germany it only comes bundled with T-mobile contracts and my
    cell-phone usage is really low, it's just too expensive for a toy.

    Rainald Taesler, Jan 17, 2010
  4. There was a very thin lenovo tablet shown at CES that is not on the
    market yet...

    ....essentially a laptop with a pop off screen that looks to be the
    equivalent of a letter sized legal pad.


    plus a few others in the pipe




    Beverly Howard
    Beverly Howard, Jan 17, 2010
  5. Interesting.
    The less Iunderstand that HP gave up the COMPAQ tc1000/tc1100 line ...

    Mistly TouchPads inly AFAUCS.
    But there seems to come live into this area.
    A renaissance?

    Rainald Taesler, Jan 18, 2010
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