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Senior Software Engineer - Embedded Software

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by markmcgarvey, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. markmcgarvey

    markmcgarvey Guest

    A Detroit area company which is a world class leader in telematics
    needs a Senior Software Engineer. Salary $70-$80K depending on
    experience. Local candidates only. No relo available. Green card or
    U.S. citizenship required.

    Reports to: Software Manager
    Supervises: No direct reports. May supervise engineering product

    Responsible for object-oriented, embedded system software product
    development including writing software requirements, analysis, software

    design, software implementation, and testing.

    1. Performs object-oriented, embedded software design and development
    for Radio, Navigation, and Multimedia automotive electronic systems.
    2. Analyzes existing object-oriented embedded system software to add
    features, make modifications, and/or port to different hardware
    3. Analyzes customer and internal requirements and specifications and
    translates these into software designs.
    4. Develop quality software by adhering to company software standards
    and object-oriented and embedded software industry best practices.
    5. Tests software designs and code at the unit and system level to
    insure that all requirements are met and the highest software quality
    is achieved.
    6. Participates in internal and customer driven design reviews
    throughout program.
    7. Coordinates software development activities with software team
    8. Identifies product requirement or performance issues. Works with
    software team leader to negotiate resolution.
    9. Overcomes obstacles to meet commitments. Demonstrates personal
    integrity in all interactions.

    Education: BSCE, BSEE, BSCS minimum requirement. Advanced engineering
    degree desired.
    Experience: 5+ years object-oriented, embedded software product
    development experience.Audio industry background desirable. C++
    programming experience required, advanced object-oriented experience
    including frameworks desired; HMI/user interface software development
    experience a plus; Hitachi SH3 or similar microcontroller experience
    required; Tornado/VxWorks experience desired; Microsoft Visual Studio
    development experience desired; I2C, RS232, other serial interface
    experience desired, MOST interface experience a plus; FPGA experience a

    plus, CD-ROM/DVD interface experience a plus; Experience developing and

    debugging object-oriented software in a real-time, embedded,
    multi-processor, multi-interface environment desired.

    Interested persons, please contact

    Mark McGarvey
    Executive IT Recruiter
    Spherion Professional Recruiting
    ISO 9001~2000 Registered
    419-893-2400, Extension 1291
    markmcgarvey, Apr 4, 2005
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