Service Manual / Guide Request

Discussion in 'Acer' started by altek, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. altek

    altek Guest


    I'm looking for full service manuals / guides for the below Acer
    notebooks / series. Any assistance in finding them would be greatly

    Acer TravelMate 350
    Acer TravelMate 360
    Acer TravelMate 370
    Acer TravelMate 380
    Acer TravelMate C110


    altek, Jan 30, 2005
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  2. altek

    MS Guest

    MS, Jan 30, 2005
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  3. altek

    altek Guest

    Hi MS,

    Thanks for the tip, but by using the naming scheme "tm***sg.pdf" I was
    only able to get the guides for the 350 and the C110. Is there a page
    that lists the contents of that directory? The directory itself refuses
    to give and automated listing.

    Thanks a bunch,

    altek, Jan 31, 2005
  4. altek

    Berlion Guest


    It seems so easy for you, so can you please do me a favor and send me
    the link for a service manual on Aspire 1410 series. Mine is a 1414WLCI.
    I tried to modify the link you sent to jaafarl but there is no way to
    get something on this model.

    Berlion, May 24, 2005
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