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Service Manuals for the Ye Olde T1100 & T1200

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Computer Nerd Kev, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Just a stab in the dark.

    I'm fixing up a couple of old Toshiba laptops (T1100 and T1200)
    and as usual it would help to have the proper docs. In
    particular anything about the T1200's PSU would be helpful
    because it seems to be the problem there. For a PSU though, the
    thing sure is complicated.

    In my searches, I've seen service manuals for sale at book
    websites. But I paid much less for the computers than those
    manuals with postage.
    Computer Nerd Kev, Aug 19, 2013
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  2. Computer Nerd Kev

    Pen Guest

    Here's the T1200 manual.
    Pen, Aug 19, 2013
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  3. Actually that's the specs sheet, which is the one thing I did
    already have (I got it in text form from here:

    I'm looking for the service manuals (AKA Maintenance Manual).
    I guess the User Manual would be interesting too, but it isn't
    my aim at the moment. If someone has the T1200 Service Manual,
    it would be great if they could scan the pages on the PSU.
    Computer Nerd Kev, Aug 21, 2013
  4. On the off chance it is interesting to someone...

    I looked deeply into PSU troubles with Toshiba Laptops. It
    seems they kept using similar (incredibly over-complicated, in
    my opinion) power supply designs into the early 90s. They all
    have a microcontroller on-board that decides on every startup
    whether to give the computer power or just blink an LED in
    disgust. On newer laptops where power comes on for a moment,
    but then fails (they apparently work from battery though),
    replacing a filter capacitor apparently often cures the
    problem .

    Webpages on the PSU failures in later laptops:

    My faulty T1200 wouldn't even give a sign of life (though it
    worked with a PSU from my other, working T1200), it would just
    flash the power LED from the beginning. I replaced the filter
    capacitors (which were different to the one in the later
    laptops) with new (slightly higher value (2200uF), as that's
    what I had) ones and now it behaves more like the later
    laptops with PSU problems. However I did find that if I
    switched the power on and off in a certain pattern, it would
    come to life and work for as long as I wanted (usually).

    Feeling a bit sick of wrestling with the capacitors which only
    barely fit and the annoying coating they put over the PCB that
    messes up with my soldering and smells terrible, I decided
    that was good enough.
    Computer Nerd Kev, Oct 25, 2013
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