Setting Up RAID on B550 Board Questions

Discussion in 'Asus' started by kirkelli, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. kirkelli


    Nov 12, 2021
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    Hello, I'm very new to RAID,, Never set one up and need a little help. I just built a Home NAS Server consisting of an Asus B550 MB (AMD) - 16GB RAM with 4 - 4TB Iron Wolf Pro Hard Drives for Media content. I also have a 1 TB SSD i will install Operating system and programs too. I would like to set up RAID-0 to the 4 Iron Wolfs and not the SSD. My backup will be on a client machine containing a separate 16TB Drive.. What i'm seeing in the manual leads me to think all the drives connected to the SATA ports will have to be set to RAID, which really screws up my plan.. Hoping some of you guys/gals can help a tinker get this right.. Thanks much in advance. - Kirk
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    kirkelli, Nov 12, 2021
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