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shadow problems with N6600

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Brandon, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I have an Asus Extreme N6600 video card, and i have had nothing but
    problems so far. In need for speed most wanted if half of the car is on
    the side walk and half is on the road the shadow of the car and the
    sidewalk start to blend, but it doesn't blend properly, the sidewalk
    takes over the car shadow and i get some werid textures.

    I have a similar problem with god father. When i am in the car i use
    the mouse to see a side view of the car, and where the side walk should
    be i see a line going across the tires.

    unrealtournament 2004 has crazy problems. At first the game is fine,
    but after a couple minitues of game play, the game starts to tear like

    My system specs are as follows:

    CPU: AMD Sempron 2800+ socket 754
    Motherboard: Asus K8N4E-Deluxe
    RAM: 1.5 GB DDR 333mhz
    Video Card: Asus Extreme N6600 pci-express (forceware 84.25)

    Hard Drive: Maxtor 200gb Sata 150
    Brandon, Apr 13, 2006
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  2. Brandon

    deimos Guest

    I'd like to see a screenshot of the shadow problem, it could be a bug
    with shadow volumes or a pixel shader glitch. But the UT problems you
    describe are more consistent with artifacting caused by one of several

    * overheating
    * defective parts
    * insufficient power
    * motherboard chipset

    There has been a funny issue with some cards having improperly mounted
    heatsinks or having overheating issues, but I haven't seen one from Asus
    yet. Also I don't even think you need a motherboard chipset driver
    (NVIDIA Forceware) for your NF4 as PCIE boards aren't supposed to need a
    GART driver and the IDE/SATA driver blows.

    Which leaves really two possibilities; either you got a bunk card with
    defective pipelines or a bad pathway, OR your card isn't getting enough
    juice. Make certain you have a clean lead to the auxilliary power
    connector on the card. And for kicks, clean out your case and make sure
    everything is well ventilated -- usually only needed with severely
    cramped HTPC's.

    Asus has a good RMA policy and I would take advantage of it when all
    else fails.
    deimos, Apr 14, 2006
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  3. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I don't think that the power is an issue,as i upgraded my power supply
    a couple weeks back with a Termaltake Tr2 550W power supply. I am more
    inclinded to the idea that i got a bulk card with defictive pipelines,
    since i purchased the K8N4E-Deluxe/N6600 combo. Which means the
    videocard came with the motherboard. I'll try and get a screenshot of
    the photo as soon as possiable.

    If the card is defective do u think i am damaging my motherboard by
    keeping it in the pci-e x16 slot?

    Thanks alot for the feed back
    Brandon, Apr 14, 2006
  4. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    i manged to get a screen shot of the shadow problem in Need for Speed
    most wanted. But i couldn't get one for god father since it didn't let
    me take a screenshot of it.

    The only problem is i don't know how to post the pic in google groups.

    Any ideas how?
    Brandon, Apr 17, 2006
  5. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    Brandon, Apr 17, 2006
  6. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    I took the graphics card back to my vendor for testing. After the
    testing the vendor said that the video card was fine, and that i
    probaly have some driver issues. Does anyone have any advice when i
    comes to drivers???
    Brandon, Apr 27, 2006
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