Shady ethics on Dell's pricing

Discussion in 'IBM' started by David Ames, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. David Ames

    David Ames Guest

    A new Dell computer was ordered on credit. The day before scheduled
    arrival, I checked my order status and found that the order had been
    cancelled without any notification to me.

    Upon investigation, it appeared that Dell's promotions run from
    Thursday to Wednesday. The order was confirmed by e-mail on Wednesday
    evening, and the PC was to "go into production upon authorization of
    .... method of payment." Evidently Dell could not *authorize* my
    method of payment until Thursday, even though a $3,000 *credit line
    was issued* on Wednesday to cover purchase on the terms and conditions
    that were offered that day.

    But subsequently the promotions expired and the $3,000 credit line was
    not sufficient to cover the repriced computer (which we would not have
    paid, anyway) and the order was cancelled.

    You might think that a firm wanting to sell its manufactured product
    would not leave a prospective customer dangling in the dark.

    David Ames
    David Ames, Jun 8, 2004
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