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Shall I give up trying to get the RT.X100 to work with this system?

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by billmotley, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. billmotley

    billmotley Guest

    After much tweaking, some phone support and a lot of fresh
    reinstallation work, the symptoms are worse now than when first

    This card was installed with capturing analogue video in mind and that
    all that I have attempted to do. I do not currently have a camera or
    other DV input device that could be used to test DV input.

    Premiere Pro 1.5 works fine if the RT.X100 is uninstalled. With the
    installed, simply opening the capture window causes symptoms such as
    mouse jitters, and halting movements when doing a click-&-drag.
    Attempting to capture anything results in a multitude of dropped

    When the card was first configured there were a few dropped frames
    capture, then the program would generally freeze upon hitting
    "s", or the stop button. About 1 in 3 attempts to capture 30-minute
    streams were successful enough, with only a few dropped frames per run.
    I could at least piece together a project. Not any longer.

    The best capture success was made after removing the Intel Application
    Accelerator in favor of using the native Windows XP Raid Controller.
    One hour of S-Video was captured without dropped frames. While that
    captured stream was conforming to Premiere, I began another capture
    process. Doing this seemed to cause the conform process to freeze. Once
    the 2nd capture process was aborted, the first stream was able to
    finish conforming. From that point on, any attempt to use the capture
    mechanism has resulted in the halting mouse, etc, and eventual freeze
    up of Premiere.

    Any ideas, questions, instructions? Welcome.

    Bill Motley


    Motherboard: Intel PCIe D915PBL , very similar to the Matrox
    recommended D915PCM & D915GEV boards.
    Processor: P4 3.4 GHz, HT enabled
    Memory: 3GB Kingston DDR2

    Drives all SATA, all defragmented, all with more than 75% free space,
    DMA Enabled
    System: 74gh 10000 rpm
    AV: RAID 0, 2x250gh, 7500 rpm, XP controlled (No Intel Application
    Export: 34gh, 10000 rpm

    Sound Card: Creative Blaster Live 24-bit (native card disabled in BIOS)
    Display Card: PCIe nVIDIA G-Force 6200, 128mb, Dual Head (moved to PCI
    Slot 3 from Slot 1 and set as default in BIOS)
    Monitors: 1 VGA, 1 DVI
    Mouse/Keyboard: PS/2
    USB Disabled in BIOS

    Installation & update order -
    BIOS updated with Intel's Express Bios Update
    OS: XP Pro SP2 Build 2600, fresh install & updates
    Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    Capture: RT.X100 Extreme Card (removed hidden files before reinstall) >
    X.tools 6122 > Hotfix2 > PCI Optimizer

    Premiere Settings:
    Preset: Matrox DV & DVCAM Standard
    Auto Save: Disabled
    Device Control: None
    Analog Setup: 7.5 IRE
    Always Output to DV-1394: Unchecked
    Input: Consumer/Looser
    Format: Matrox AVI Capture, DV/DVCAM
    billmotley, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. billmotley

    Bushy Guest

    Have you read the posts on the matrox forum?

    Bushy, Jul 10, 2005
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