Sharing DeskJet 722C across network

Discussion in 'HP' started by Dave Anderson, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. I have added the 722C to the server and all is well, it shows to be shared.
    However being a 722C the only way I have to install it is with the
    dj720en.exe I downloaded from HP. It does not allow for a network install.
    If I try to do a network install from 2000 it does not have the 722 listed
    in its driver list. What to do? On my network I have 2000 Server, 2000
    workstation, 98 and Me. If that matters.
    Dave Anderson, Sep 13, 2003
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  2. Try installing the dj720en driver on the workstations and telling it the
    printer is on the parallel port. Then, after the driver is installed,
    change the properties to the network port (\\server\hp722c).
    Homer Simpson, Sep 13, 2003
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  3. Dave Anderson

    Bob Headrick Guest

    Tex Felix has a web site which includes a section on networking the DeskJet
    720. See the following:

    Bob Headrick, not speaking for my employer HP
    Bob Headrick, Sep 13, 2003
  4. Dave Anderson

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    As Homer said, you must do a separate 722C installation on the workstations.
    (WinME might actually have drivers included that you can use. Win2K
    certainly does.)

    If you have problems installing the printer driver on the workstations by
    simply pointing it to the empty parallel port, temporarily detach the 722C
    from the Win2K server and attach it to the parallel port of the workstation.
    Then do the install.

    Once the driver is installed on the workstation, change the printer
    definition - do an Add Port on the Details tab and point it to the share on
    the Win2K server.

    NOTE: If an installation fails, be sure to uninstall before attempting to
    reinstall. Also, if you are running any antivirus software, be sure to
    temporarily disable the "auto protect" option.

    If you run into the "new hardware found" situation with every successive
    boot after installing the printer (I don't know if the symptom persists
    under Win2K), do a Google search or scroll through this news group for a
    message entitled "FYI - DJ 722C - I finally figured it out" posted some time
    around the end of July 2003. HP's workaround for the "new hardware found"
    problem was to go through the process and let the Hardware Wizard fail to
    install the driver. While that eliminates the nagging "new hardware found"
    at every reboot, it leaves a messy Registry. I discovered, through a lot of
    trial and error, how to manually correct the Registry to keep both the HP
    driver and Windows happy.
    MyndPhlyp, Sep 13, 2003
  5. Dave Anderson

    Kent Shaw Guest

    I have had my HP 722C networked for some time under Windows XP and
    Windows ME using a D-Link 101-P+ Print Server using TCP/IP and a
    static IP address. I also had it networked while attached to one of
    the PCs. Not all of the bidirectional features of the 722C work in a
    networked environment and HP says that the 722C is not networkable.
    Sometimes I get communications errors but about 98 percent of the time
    it works fine.

    Install the HP 722 software on all of the computers that are running
    Windows ME and Windows 9X; use the Microsoft drivers for XP.
    Kent Shaw, Sep 16, 2003
  6. Dave Anderson

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    I seem to recall v10.1 of the 722C drivers actually allowed for a shared
    network connection, even though it was still host based. There was a flurry
    of flames posted when v10.3 took away the sharing capability. Also, I
    recently tried using a JetDirect 500X (latest firmware) with the 722C and
    had very little success - printing a test page, for example, yielded maybe
    about an inch of output and the printer would just stall and hang. After
    about a day of fussing with it, I went back to using it as a host-based
    MyndPhlyp, Sep 16, 2003
  7. Dave Anderson

    MyndPhlyp Guest

    Who is "Carly?"
    MyndPhlyp, Sep 16, 2003
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