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Discussion in 'Apple' started by mirandacascade, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Questions at bottom of this post.

    Situation is this:

    - Desktop PC running Windows XP Home
    - iTunes running on Desktop PC
    - music files reside on desktop PC
    - MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.8
    - iTunes 9.0(70) running on MacBook Pro

    My goal is to share music from desktop to MacBook Pro. The steps I
    take are:
    1) on desktop in iTunes Advanced / Turn on home sharing
    2) on MacBook Pro in iTunes Advanced / Turn on home sharing
    3) on MacBook Pro in iTunes, under the Shared area on the left pane,
    click on name of the library name from the desktop ... receive
    "loading <library name>" progress bar for a minute or so
    4) eventually, receive the error message "the shared library
    <library name> is not responding (-3259) check that any firewall
    software running on either the shared computer or this computer has
    been set to allow communication on port 3689"

    I am running McAfee Security Center version 9.15 and McAfee Personal
    Firewall version 10.15. I wanted to test the theory that the firewall
    on the desktop was preventing the sharing, so on the desktop, I
    temporarily disabled the firewall and then repeated the steps above,
    and I got the same error message.

    1) how can I check to see whether communication is allowed on port
    3689 on the desktop?
    2) how can I check to see whether communication is allowed on port
    3689 on the MacBook Pro?
    3) We did not install any firewall software on the MacBook Pro, so if
    there is firewall software running, it is software that shipped with
    the can I tell whether there is firewall software
    running on the MacBook Pro?
    4) what other things should I try?

    thank you
    mirandacascade, Sep 15, 2009
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  2. mirandacascade

    Jim Gibson Guest

    Check the Windows Control Panel, Windows Firewall, General and
    Exceptions panel.
    Go to the System Preferences application on the Macbook Pro, click on
    the Security icon, and then on the Firewall tab in the Security Panel.
    Same as above.
    Don't know.
    Jim Gibson, Sep 15, 2009
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