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Shorthand for keyboard-speed input

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by AlphaTap News, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. We've just released a beta of AlphaTap v1.7, which provides a practice
    game for the Lightning shorthand method.

    AlphaTap's Lightning feature is a simple, self-teaching shorthand
    mechanism that is based on the most common words and word fragments in
    English. Just 250 words account for over 50% of English usage. These
    words are mapped onto the AlphaTap key layout so that you can type
    them with one or two pen strokes. The new practice game walks you
    through the Lightning stroke vocabulary with a collection of phrases
    containing associations that foster quick learning.

    AlphaTap v1.7 is also the basis for AlphaTap Lite, a stripped-down
    version which will go on sale in September.


    We look forward to your feedback!

    Liam Breck
    Network Improv
    Boston, Mass. USA

    AlphaTap for Tablet PC enables pen-based typing at keyboard speeds. It
    combines an ergonomic key layout and simple shorthand mechanism to
    enable remarkable text performance with a pen; far faster than
    handwriting and other pen input methods. AlphaTap offers the first
    true shorthand typing method for tablets, bridging a gap in the tablet
    user experience that has kept them from being adopted as an
    all-purpose mobile device.
    AlphaTap News, Aug 19, 2004
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