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Shorthand Typing at keyboard speeds (at last!)

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by AlphaTap News, May 28, 2004.

  1. Shorthand Typing for Tablet PC Introduced

    At Last! Pen-based typing that's fast, easy, and even fun.

    Boston, 25 May 2004 - Network Improv (http://networkimprov.net/alphatap/)
    today introduced the first shorthand typing method for Tablet PC,
    included in its new AlphaTap v1.5 software. AlphaTap's "Lightning Shorthand"
    is much easier to learn than traditional shorthand and far faster than
    handwriting and other pen-based text input methods. As users have
    discovered, the tablet form factor is compelling and highly mobile, but
    handwriting is a slow and tiring way to interact with a PC.

    Users can master Lightning Shorthand in as little as one week of
    regular use, and achieve sustained typing speeds of 40-50 wpm --
    equivalent to a proficient touch-typist. AlphaTap provides an
    ergonomic layout, with a 4x7 "staircase" of keys in right- or
    left-handed orientation, to place the user's pen motion within their
    natural range for handwriting.

    AlphaTap's Lightning Shorthand feature uses a vocabulary of the most
    common words and syllables in English, covering over 50% of typical
    English usage. The human mind readily associates these common
    words with the gestures of simple pen strokes. AlphaTap guides a
    first-time user through Lightning Shorthand strokes, so they are
    learned on the fly without special training.

    "The research community has been pursuing an ideal pen/tablet-based
    texting mechanism for over ten years," said Liam Breck, President of
    Network Improv. "We have combined some of their insights with our
    own research to create a solution that's more productive and
    learnable than we actually thought possible when we started."

    (Note: the simplified longhand alphabets on Palm & PocketPC are not
    shorthand, and so do not provide a speed advantage vs. handwriting.)

    AlphaTap provides a full-fledged replacement for the Tablet PC Input
    Panel by including a complete set of keys in a layout optimized for pen
    use. This layout "floats" in a small translucent window, using a
    minimal amount of screen space.

    AlphaTap v1.5 with Lightning Shorthand is available to download from
    the Network Improv web site and may be trialed free of charge for
    thirty days. AlphaTap is $39 for personal use, and may also be licensed
    for integration with Tablet PC solutions.

    AlphaTap News, May 28, 2004
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    In order to perform responsively, AlphaTap requires that you TURN OFF
    "press & hold for right click"

    This is a Tablet PC feature which is on by default in many units.
    More info: http://networkimprov.net/alphatap/presshold.html

    The readme link about this was omitted in the initial download package.
    AlphaTap News, Jun 3, 2004
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