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should i leave my trusty gainward behind, for a new card?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by freestone wilson, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. hi all...

    upgrade time oh upgrade time, the Morrowind game makes a small
    slideshow for me.

    I upgraded from a 1700athlon to a 2400.
    I have the audigy2 zs.

    now while i am at it, I wonder if my trusty gainward golden sample
    powerpack 200/450 shold also be changed?!
    I like what i read about the ati all-in-wonder 9600xt.

    Oh those benchmarks; i find it *so* hard to get two equal
    comparisons, especially from two cards that are years apart, one site
    has, say, unreal 2003, but another site uses, for the all-in-wonder
    card, unreal 2004!

    there are some comparisons that seem to infer to me that the gainward
    card might even
    the ati 9600xt card, in fps!!

    then there is my issue that i have windows 98se! the Radeon series,
    the higher series, do not use 98 at all! but i see that the ati 9600
    can use win98se.

    my Adugy2 upgrade *is* well worth it, what a difference.
    can anyone compare these two cards for me, and tell me their

    for $200, that is a lot of $$$$$ to find that "they are about the

    freestone wilson, Jun 13, 2004
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  2. freestone wilson

    Augustus Guest

    my trusty gainward golden sample powerpack 200/450
    Reading your post it's not exactly clear which two cards you want compared.
    A Gainward Golden Sample what? It has a 200Mhz core? and 450Mhz memory? I'm
    guessing a Gainward Geforce3 Ti450 here. It's a decent card.....but no
    comparison to a 9600XT. A 9600XT has a 500Mhz core and 600MHz DDR, the ATI
    core is more efficient to boot, and is AGP8X and fully DX9 compliant. A
    9600XT compares directly to a FX5700 Ultra. A Geforce3 Ti500 compares
    directly to a Radeon 7500 in terms of speed. On an XP2400+ system, your card
    will deliver 3DMark01 scores of 8500 or so. A 9600XT in your system will do
    about 14,000 or so. In 3DMark03, your card would be hard pressed to break
    1000. The XT should do around 4000.
    Augustus, Jun 14, 2004
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  3. freestone wilson

    Rusty Guest

    I recently purchased a geforce Evga 5900SE and I have a AMD1700+ (680) OC to
    a 2100+ on a 166 Mhz FSB and the 5900SE will more than perform. The cost of
    these cards range from $190 to $250 when you can find them and they will
    work with Windows 98SE with the right Nvidia driver. Frame rates are better
    than the 9600xt but not quite as good as the 9800xt. The picture quality is
    a little better on the ATI line of cards depending on the game used, and the
    ATI drivers are a little less compatible on some games. For a comparison
    you might take a look at Tom's Hardware (do a google search for Tom's
    Hardware). I don't know if your card is listed but I am sure that an
    equivalent card by a different manufacture is.
    Rusty, Jun 14, 2004
  4. freestone wilson

    Rusty Guest

  5. freestone wilson

    First of One Guest

    The 9600XT is *significantly* faster than your card, especially in pixel
    shader-intensive games like Morrowind. I don't know, however, if the current
    drivers can display the graphics flawlessly in Morrowind. Your best bet is
    to ask in the ATi newsgroup.

    Note that the ATi uses common drivers for WinME and 98, so you will get the
    latest drivers regardless of what Radeon card you use.
    First of One, Jun 14, 2004
  6. thanks augustus, that is just what i wanted to Know!

    I suspected as much, i left a very good performing Xentor maxigamer 32
    Behind, when i last upgraded!

    Best buy only has a few cards and i *could* order by internet, but the
    return hassles are a bit much of something goes wrong!

    I figured this upgrade will be my last one, for this motherboard, if i
    go higher, a reformat is to be done; i have so so many mods for my
    morrowind and neverwinternights.

    I play 2d games too, like baulder's gate2.

    i read that ati has good 2d.

    thanks again....freestone
    freestone wilson, Jun 14, 2004
  7. freestone wilson

    jeff b Guest

    What is a "powerpack 200/450"??

    Jeff B
    jeff b, Jun 14, 2004
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