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Should I leave well enough alone?

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Ken Fox, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Ken Fox

    Ken Fox Guest


    I've got an Asus P4P800 Deluxe mobo with a P4 2.6GHz chip and 2 sticks of
    512MB Corsair Value Select DDR400 RAM, running at a 10% OC done manually.
    I've posted about this sytem before a few times, so nothing new.

    The FSB is running at 220 (880), for both the CPU and the RAM. CPU-Z
    reports the following:

    CPU Core speed = 2859 MHz
    Core Voltage (vCore) ~ 2.64 although I set it at 2.575 or thereabouts in the
    bios -- bios must be overruling my setting.
    CPU temp idles around 27C, and the highest I've ever seen it is 40C, when a
    program crashed and got caught in an endless loop using 100% of the CPU
    resources, all on stock fan.

    Memory Frequency 220 MHz, FSB:DRAM ratio = 1:1; timings are: 2.5, 4, 4, 8,
    which were set by SPD. I played around with these at one point and
    benchmarks did not noticeably change.

    PAT is disabled.

    Note is again made that this is the cheapest memory Corsair sells and I'm
    surprised it overclocks at all.

    From playing around with this somewhat, I was able to get the CPU up to 3.25
    GHz, but this changed the CPU:RAM ratio down to 5:4, and the system did not
    seem as stable as it is now. What I have now is rock hard stability that
    has gone through 40+ Memtest86 passes (over time) with no errors. Any CPU
    setting between what I have now and 3.25 GHz had unfavorable CPU:RAM ratios
    on the order of 3:2

    I'm happy with the results I'm getting in spite of not having PAT ennabled.
    The only way to overclock with PAT ennabled on this board, that I have seen,
    is the "Bigtoe mod" referred to previously either here or in the Asus ng,
    but this involves multiple bios flashes and having had some problems with
    this bios a couple of weeks ago, after a flash, I don't want to take those

    Is there anything obvious I'm overlooking? I'm not dissatisfied with what I
    have, and am inclined to leave well enough alone, but if I'm missing
    something please point it out!


    Ken Fox, Jan 24, 2004
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  2. Ken Fox

    end user Guest

    Hi Ken, I am using Corsair xms pc3700 (not value). My fsb is 237*4
    =948. cpu/ram =1:1. Ram is running dual channel. MB is p4p800dlx bios

    vdimm is 2 setting higher than nominal (don't remember value offhand)
    ram voltage is 1 above nominal.

    Timings are 3:4:4:7 as recommended by Corsair. Turbo enabled, Mam
    enabled. Above 200mhz bus speed Corsair recommends more relaxed
    settings. In fact at 2.5 turbo would not work.

    I am not at top speed yet but there is no rush as system is very
    stable. Cpu temp at load is 45C (peak47C). MB temp at load is 33C.
    Cooling is via stock cooling on cpu & 3 additional fans (2 in & 1

    No errors with memtest86 V3, prime 95, winrar hard compressing a 4
    gig file.

    I think that I can bring up to 240*4=960 FSB still at 1:1 cpu/ram

    end user, Jan 25, 2004
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