Shuttle ST61G4 keeps freezing video display

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by ruthb, May 17, 2007.

  1. ruthb

    ruthb Guest

    Hello - I've got a Shuttle ST61G4 and a Philips 190S monitor (i.e. 19"
    TFT) running Windowze-XP-Pro. I've downloaded all the correct drivers
    for the monitor.

    The shuttle keeps "freezing" - by this I mean that I am working on it
    and the whole thing freezes, the mouse/keyboard/screen all freeze up
    and the only way out is a reboot via the power on/off button.

    How do I work out what the problem is? I am assuming it is an
    incompatibility with the monitor....?

    Thanks, Ruth
    ruthb, May 17, 2007
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  2. ruthb

    Stephen Guest

    It could be one or more of the following: a program crashing, hardware
    driver, memory, overheating, power supply, hard drive. If it's an
    older pc, bad caps.

    It won't be the monitor.

    Stephen, May 18, 2007
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  3. ruthb

    ruthb Guest

    Hi Stephen - OK - thanks - I'll try to start eliminating all the other

    What do you mean by "bad caps"?

    Cheers, Ruth
    ruthb, May 28, 2007
  4. ruthb

    Stephen Guest

    Bad capacitors, usually indicated by them leaking or swelling.


    Stephen, May 28, 2007
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