Sigma Tel Audio Card and No "Stereo Mix" (What U Hear)

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Monica, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Monica

    Monica Guest

    I use the Audacity program to record "What U Hear" from the Internet. That
    was with my Soundblaster card in my Dim 8400. Now I have an XPS 420, Sigma
    Tel HD audio card and the "What U Hear" option is no longer available in
    Audacity. Some research reveals a couple of things. "What U Hear" is a
    Creative (Soundblaster) term. Other soundcards may use the term "stereo
    mix". Also, Dell has disabled/removed the option for "stereo mix" with the
    Sigma Tel HD audio card BUT that they have "changed their mind"(?) It's
    supposed to be available in later driver versions. This is where the trail
    went cold :( I have XP (SP 3) on this 420 machine. In March, I downloaded
    the latest ATI drivers from ATI. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Monica, Apr 21, 2009
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  2. Hi!
    It goes by various terms..."what u hear", "recording monitor", "analog mix"
    and "stereo mix". There are probably others.

    I've heard the same thing you did--that Dell removed that portion of the
    mixer from the driver package they offer. Whether or not it came back I do
    not know.

    You can do a few things:

    1. Try to find drivers that enable the feature you are seeking. (May be
    difficult, since SigmaTel no longer really exists. I think their audio
    products went to IDT.)

    2. Use a comparable mixer setting. Most of "what u hear" (and I shiver just
    a little every time I see "u" used as a substitute for "you"--I'm weird that
    way) is wave audio and could be captured by directing your mixer or
    recording software to use the "wave" mixer entry.

    3. Or just install the SoundBlaster card in your new Dell. Disable the
    onboard audio in system setup, install your new card and get the drivers
    from Creative. (Note that what Creative says about the drivers they offer
    for download being only an updater to already installed drivers is false.
    The download can and will do a full installation if need be.) Onboard sound
    systems have certainly improved, but a SoundBlaster is still very worthwhile
    and Creative Labs still sells a lot of them.

    William (SoundBlaster user extraordinaire...)
    William R. Walsh, Apr 22, 2009
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  3. Monica

    Ben Myers Guest

    The OP might be successful downloading the SigmaTel audio drivers from
    the Intel web site, where they were used in a number of generic Intel
    boards of the era.

    For example, I went to the Intel web site and searched for SigmaTel,
    turning up this:

    IDT's web site advises people to contact the OEM manufacturer for
    drivers. It's web site does not have them readily visible. I was
    unable to connect to IDT's ftp server.

    For best results with a Dimension 8400, install the Dell version of the
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster. It has the funky connector needed in many
    black chassis Dell systems to make the front panel audio connectors
    actually work... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Apr 22, 2009
  4. Monica

    BillW50 Guest

    In Cmplx80 typed on Wed, 22 Apr 2009 13:05:41 -0500:
    Hi Frank! Are you running Vista? And somebody correct me if I am wrong,
    but I thought this was disabled through the hardware and not through the
    software. Apparently they don't want you to record streams from the
    Internet. Although many streams are files that ends up in your temp
    folders. And if they are locked by the browser, a free program called
    Unlocker can copy them for you.
    BillW50, Apr 22, 2009
  5. Monica

    BillW50 Guest

    In Cmplx80 typed on Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:32:42 -0500:
    Thanks Frank! Although it looks like Total Recorder is both an audio
    recorder and a stream recorder. A stream recorder shouldn't have a
    problem since it doesn't even use the sound card or a mixer. They work
    by what I was saying earlier. They just save the stream to a file just
    like your browser does.
    BillW50, Apr 22, 2009
  6. Monica

    Monica Guest

    William, thanks for your reply. Like Frank, I'm having no luck finding
    anything (drivers) that will work...especially on the ATI site! <lol> Let's
    just say I was having an idiot moment <g> I don't have the 8400 here to rob
    it of the SoundBlaster card. Wish I did. Someone mentioned that back in
    March when Dell upgraded me to a 420 because the 8400 blew up. I was
    complaining then about the integrated audio. I had to send back the
    Dimension and figured Dell would frown upon the missing Soundcard. I did
    however send it back without the hdd and the memory that I upgraded to just
    last summer. No threatening phone calls yet.
    The only options I have in Audacity are In Line, Rear Mic, and Microphone.
    Of course, none of these work.
    Monica, Apr 23, 2009
  7. Monica

    Monica Guest

    I will but I think, unless I try the Total Recorder, it'll mean buying a new
    card (which is what I wanted to do when Dell so graciously upgraded me to
    this XPS 420.)
    Monica, Apr 23, 2009
  8. Monica

    Monica Guest

    I'll give Total Recorder a try. Thanks for the link.
    Monica, Apr 23, 2009
  9. Hi!
    Oh, that's don't have the Dim8400 any more.

    I'm definitely in favor of good sound cards. It used to be that I
    really hated the integrated sound systems on motherboards,
    *especially* anything built around the Analog SoundMAX. In the early
    days, I noticed that none of them actually seemed to work well or at
    all. They are better now. It seems they all do everything in

    Now I can at least tolerate them. I suspect that as with Winmodems,
    more powerful CPUs have made these things work better.

    When I'm building a system for myself, if it's possible to do so, I
    choose a dedicated sound card...and typically a Creative one at that.

    William R. Walsh, Apr 23, 2009
  10. Monica

    Monica Guest

    Well, I was going to just bite the bullet and buy a new soundcard but just
    had to spend $250 for a new multifunction printer. The new sound card will
    have to wait. William, about how much will a good Soundblaster card (that
    will record "what U hear") cost. I had an Audigy 2 in my previous Dell. I
    was happy with that but I'm sure there's something even better now.
    Monica, Apr 26, 2009
  11. Hi!
    I had a quick look around as a good guide to price. There
    were a lot of different models with many different prices, but you
    could buy an OEM (no fancy box, maybe a more basic software package or
    none at all--meaning that you'd need to download the drivers, and
    simpler documentation but otherwise fully functional) Audigy SE 7.1
    card for $35 excluding any shipping.

    This card reviews pretty well, although some problems were reported
    with placement in certain expansion slots. You will also want to make
    sure the onboard audio is disabled.

    If you want or need the retail package, you will pay more. But you
    will get complete documentation and software.

    William R. Walsh, Apr 27, 2009
  12. Monica


    Jul 12, 2009
    Likes Received:
    solution for Stereo mix problem for sigmatel

    For Stereo mix problem
    Here is the solution:
    First uninstall the audio driver.
    go through this link and download the software
    extract it then
    1. Right click on set up.exe. properties compatability tab
    4. Mark " Run this program in compatability mode for"
    5. Select Windows XP(service pack 2)
    6.Click apply and OK
    7. Install the setup.exe now.

    restart the system. Then you can see the option Stereo mix in recording devices in volume mixer.

    Enable Stereo mix. Set that stereo mix as default.

    That's it.
    Note: Dont update the driver.
    pradeepz_Reddy, Jul 12, 2009
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